black wood species

Black wood species are known for their rich grains and beautiful colors. Black wood species have a higher value than white hardwoods, due to their increased demand and limited supply. We are dealing in a wide variety of Black Wood Species. These are available in different sizes and shapes. The offered wood species is highly cherished due to their unique features like optimum dimension, high strength, weather resistance, wear & tear resistance, excellent finishing quality etc. Buyers can avail the provided Wood Species at competitive prices.

The black wood species is a type of tree with a hard, black-colored protective outer layer. The wood itself is a natural material and has many beautiful applications throughout the home. Black wood species of the family Meliaceae, a group of plants that includes the well-known mahogany and teak. The heartwood is usually dark reddish brown to nearly black, with black streaks; the sapwood is white or pale yellow.

Blackwood distributes light to create a cosy ambience in any space. The wood species is sustainably harvested from plantations and its grain continues to showcase high-density. It can be used indoors and out to create a variety of spaces including furniture or as feature cladding in projects that range from the inside of buildings, such as restaurants and bars, to outside spaces such as swimming pool surrounds or exterior cladding on sheds, gazebos or pergolas.

When any other wood is too white, go for black. Black wood species include walnut, wengee, Marlowe, bloodwood, purpleheart and Australian blackwood. Here’s everything you need to know about these dark beauties.

Black walnut

Black walnut is a hard, heavy and strong wood that has been used to make furniture, flooring, boat building and musical instruments. It is also good for gun stocks.


Wenge is a hardwood, native to Africa that grows in dense forests. Wenge is used for furniture, veneer and flooring. It has a reddish-brown color that can be colored with chemicals for different shades of brown or black.

Wenge woodworking is an excellent choice because it’s incredibly strong and stable; the wood won’t warp or shrink like some other woods do when exposed to moisture over time.


Marlowe is a hardwood species that can be found in North America. It is commonly used to make flooring and furniture.


Bloodwood is a hardwood species native to South America. It’s commonly used in the making of furniture due to its dense, fine-grained, straight-grained and close-grained nature. Bloodwood is dark reddish-brown in color and has a beautiful grain pattern that imparts an elegant look when finished.


You might have heard of purpleheart. It’s a very hard and dense wood that is resistant to decay, so it makes for a great choice when durability is required.

Its stability makes it ideal for those who want their furniture to last a lifetime: the wood won’t warp or split as easily as other woods. Purpleheart can be worked with both hand and machine tools, though because it’s so hard, it may take longer than usual to fully shape your piece of furniture. Purpleheart is an expensive material, but if you’re looking for something durable and attractive that will last forever (or until you choose not to pass your pieces down), this type of wood could be right up your alley.

Australian blackwood

Australian blackwood is a hardwood that is indigenous to Australia. It is a very strong and durable timber, making it ideal for furniture and musical instruments. The timber can also be used for flooring, joinery, boat building and even carving. Australian blackwood has a beautiful grain pattern that ranges from bright yellowish brown to dark red-brown tones.

Black bamboo

Black bamboo is a type of wood that is black in color. The reason it’s called black bamboo is because the wood itself is black in color, but once it’s cut into pieces and polished, it turns brown.

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that can reach up to 100 feet tall and grow as thick as 1 foot in diameter. It can be used for construction, furniture and other items such as musical instruments, baskets and paper production (notebooks). Bamboo has been popularized by its use in gardening due to how easily it grows even when planted on steep slopes or rocky hillsides; however this popularity has also led to many forests being cleared for commercial farming purposes which have left little room for wildlife habitats.

These species of wood are all black or very dark brown.

Black walnut, wenge, marlowe and bloodwood are all very dark brown. Black walnut and wenge are North American hardwoods that have a fine grain with a silky feel. Marlowe is a more recently introduced black mahogany from Africa that offers similar characteristics to traditional mahogany but at a lower price point. Bloodwood is also from South America and has an exotic appearance due to its unique coloring. Purpleheart comes from Central America, Australia and India where it’s prized for its rich purple hue as well as its durability in outdoor applications such as patios or decks. The last species on this list is black bamboo which has been used for centuries in China because of its resistance to decay while providing privacy screens along property lines or waterways.

Final words

These are just a handful of the beautiful black wood species available to woodworkers. We hope you found something that caught your eye here, and if not, there are plenty more to explore.

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