Cost To Build A Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse is a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your garden. It will keep your plants warm, and it means you don’t have to worry about them getting too much sun or water.

A greenhouse is made up of three main parts: the frame, the cover, and the glazing. The frame is what holds everything together, and it’s usually made of wood or metal bars. The cover is what protects your plants from wind and weather; this can be glass, plastic or fiberglass that’s attached to the frame with screws or bolts. Finally, the glazing helps regulate temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse—it can be clear glass or plastic sheets that have been coated with a material that allows light through but keeps heat in (such as polycarbonate).

Once your greenhouse is built, it should be easy for you to maintain. You’ll want to check on your plants regularly so that you can make sure they’re not getting too much sun exposure (or else they’ll get burned), but also remember not to give them too much water either because then they’ll get moldy.

If you’re interested in building a greenhouse, it’s important to know what you’ll be getting into. And that means knowing how much it will cost. You might think a greenhouse is just an extra room on your property, but there are actually many factors that determine the cost of building one. Building a small or large greenhouse is different, and each type has different material costs and labor costs associated with it—not to mention permits. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide on how much does it cost to build a greenhouse from scratch (or anywhere else).

Greenhouses can range from the size of a shed to an industrial-sized building. Most hardware stores sell greenhouse-building kits that allow you to build a standard one yourself. But if you prefer something larger and more customized, consider hiring a professional. Building one can cost between $2,500 to $25,000, or about $15,000 on average.

Greenhouse Cost

Type of CostAmount
Average Cost$15,000
Highest Cost$25,000
Lowest Cost$2,500

The Complete Costs to Build a Greenhouse

The cost to build a greenhouse is the sum of many factors. It’s not just the price of materials and labor; it also depends on the size, style and foundation you choose. To get a ballpark estimate, try using this calculator: [insert link].

Alternatively, if you’d like to get a more complete picture of what your greenhouse will cost (and how much money you can save by doing some of the work yourself), follow the steps below:

  • Calculate your total square footage. This is simply measured in feet multiplied by feet—for example, 4’x4’x8′. Most greenhouses should be at least 400 square feet in size for optimal growing potential.
  • Select an architectural style for inspiration as well as functionality. An arched or curved roof allows for more light penetration than does flat architecture; however, it may require additional structural supports and/or building materials depending on its size and location (i.e., windy areas). If possible, consider incorporating glass panels into these designs so that they are both beautiful and functional at keeping pests out while still allowing light entry into the structure when needed during winter months or cloudy weather conditions where there might not be enough sunlight available otherwise.”

Greenhouse Cost by Type

  • The cost of a greenhouse depends on the type you choose.
  • Different types of greenhouses cost different amounts.
  • How much you spend on a greenhouse is a personal choice.
  • Costs of different types of greenhouses can vary widely, so you need to do your research before deciding which type is right for you.

Considerations Before Building a Greenhouse From Scratch

Before you get started, it is important to consider the size of the greenhouse, style and location.

  • Size: How big do you want your greenhouse? Does your need it only for growing vegetables or flowers or will you be using it to raise small animals like ducks or chickens? As stated earlier, a 12×16 ft greenhouse is ideal for beginners with no experience in construction.
  • Style: Will it be a glass-covered traditional style or something more modern that uses polycarbonate plastic instead? A glass-covered greenhouse is more traditional but also more expensive than an all-plastic one; however, this can be an advantage if you plan on growing exotic plants that require extra warmth. Plastic greenhouses are less expensive but also less durable than their glass counterparts but can still be used for many purposes such as keeping pets warm during cold weather months. Also, consider whether there are any restrictions regarding building materials in your area before making any final decisions about which type will work best for what situation(s) at hand.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Small Greenhouse?

The cost of your small greenhouse will depend on many factors. It can range from around $300 to $3,000 or more, depending on the size and style of your greenhouse. The materials used will also factor into the overall price; for example, PVC plastic is cheaper than wood frame construction. Additionally, labor costs may vary considerably depending on where you live and how much experience your contractor has with greenhouses.

The climate where you build your greenhouse also affects its price because some parts of the country require more energy-efficient structures than others do (depending on how cold it gets at certain times of year).

What Are the Steps to Building a Greenhouse?

  • Build a foundation.
  • Frame the structure.
  • Install glazing.
  • Install a door, window, and other openings in the greenhouse frame.
  • Install insulation and cooling systems in your greenhouse as needed to provide comfortable working conditions for you and your plants during all seasons of year. In colder regions, this may mean using heaters or propane-powered generators for heating during winter months; in warmer climates, it may mean installing fans or evaporative coolers that will help keep temperatures down at night when temperatures are likely to rise quickly after sunset

Cost of Materials for Building a Greenhouse

The cost of your greenhouse depends on the size you want it to be and the materials you choose. There are many different types of greenhouses available, so it’s important to do some research before choosing a style that works for you. Most greenhouses are made from wood or metal, but there are also other options such as plastic or acrylic panels.

If you’re just starting out building your own greenhouse, here is an overview of what materials will be included in this project:

  • Lumber – This includes 2x2s and 1x1s for framing along with plywood sheets for roofing or siding
  • Hardware – Screws and nails are used to secure pieces together
  • Tools – You’ll need tools like saws and drills to build your new home

Greenhouse Size Cost

The size of your greenhouse will determine the cost of materials and labor. The more square footage you want, the more expensive it will be. A larger greenhouse would require a larger foundation and some additional framing to support its weight. A smaller greenhouse will use less lumber, but it might not have enough space for all your plants in one season.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when making this decision because you can always expand or add an addition later on if need be.

Greenhouse Style Cost

There are many different styles for greenhouses, and each style has a different cost. Some of these styles include:

  • Crib style
  • Lean-to greenhouse
  • Gothic lean-to greenhouse (in this case, the roof is sloped to one side)
  • Lean-to greenhouse with gothic design
  • Pent roof greenhouse

Framing Materials

The framing materials you choose will depend on the size and style of your greenhouse. Wood is the most popular choice for greenhouse framing, but aluminum can be a good choice if winds are high or if you want to avoid wood rot. Steel is another popular option that’s easy to work with, but it is more expensive than wood or aluminum.

Glazing Materials

Glazing, or the glass that covers your greenhouse, is probably the most important part of your structure. Not only does it keep out wind and weather, but it also allows you to see what’s happening inside your greenhouse at all times.

Glass is a popular choice for greenhouse glazing due to its transparency and strength. It can be made into many shapes—square panels are very common—and comes in different thicknesses depending on how large or small your greenhouse will be.

There are two main types of glass used in greenhouses: tempered and non-tempered (also called flat). Tempered glass is stronger than non-tempered because it’s heated during production until it becomes six times stronger than regular flat glass; however, if this type breaks there’s a risk for injury as shards fly off quickly after impact. Non-tempered is cheaper than tempered but less durable so if you decide not go with tempered, consider using double paned or triple pane windows instead so they’ll last longer than just one sheet of non-tempered material covering them all together would (although most people choose not worry about this since they’re usually fine with just one layer).

The final consideration when selecting glazing materials depends on where exactly you live; if temperatures drop below freezing then heating costs could increase significantly while using thicker sheets might lower them slightly again since insulation properties improve overall efficiency.”

Foundation and Flooring Type

  • Concrete basement

If you’re building a greenhouse with a concrete foundation, the cost of materials and labor will be higher than any other material. This is because it’s more expensive to pour concrete than it is to install wood or steel framing. However, if you don’t mind spending more money on your greenhouse project, this might be the right option for you.

  • Steel frame

The steel frame costs less than concrete basements but more than wooden ones because it requires less labor than pouring a concrete foundation does and also requires less maintenance over time compared to wooden frames that need regular painting every few years.

Labor Cost

As you’ve probably already guessed, labor costs are based on the size of your greenhouse. The bigger your greenhouse, the more workers it will take to build it. Labor costs also vary by region. In some places in the United States, skilled labor is plentiful and inexpensive; in other areas of our country, skilled laborers must be imported from Mexico or other countries with a lower cost of living.

In addition to labor rates that vary by location and distribution chain, there are other factors that can affect how much it’ll cost to hire someone else to build your greenhouse for you:

  • The experience level of those doing the work (if they’re experienced contractors or not)
  • How many people are working on the project at once

Permits Cost

Permits are required for building a greenhouse, and they can vary depending on where you live. In general, it’s best to check with your local government to see what permits are necessary for the type of greenhouse you’re planning to build. The overall cost of permits will depend largely on the location of your home and how quickly they process requests for permits in that area.

You’ll also need to consider any fees associated with obtaining these permits—as well as any other special requirements that may apply based on things like zoning laws or regulations governing certain types of structures (such as greenhouses).

Utilities Cost

Utilities cost is based on the wattage of your greenhouse. The higher the wattage, the more you will pay per month. For example, if you are going to use electricity, you will need to run a line and possibly install a breaker box or an outlet near your greenhouse. If you are using natural gas, then it’s best to run a line and install a gas meter for each different structure (e.g., greenhouses). The initial cost for this can be anywhere from $225 – $400 depending on how far apart these two structures are from one another.

Insulation and Cooling Cost

Once you’ve decided on the basic structure of your greenhouse, it’s time to start focusing on the details. The two most important considerations are insulation and cooling. These costs can vary greatly depending on where you live, but there are a few things to keep in mind when making your budget.

  • Insulation and cooling costs depend on the size of greenhouse: If you’re building a small-scale or medium-sized greenhouse, then these costs will be much lower than if you’re building a large greenhouse. In general, though, I would recommend keeping these both at $200 per square foot. This can help reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.
  • Insulation and cooling costs can be calculated by a professional: It doesn’t cost anything extra for them to do this—they’ll just charge their normal hourly rate (around $75-$125). As long as they have all the information they need from me beforehand, they can calculate both insulation requirements as well as heat loss through windows throughout my entire facility based solely off of what kind of materials I’m using. That way there’s no guesswork involved here; only hard facts about how much money we’ll save over time due to reduced energy usage which will make us feel good about ourselves too.

Door Type Costs

The type of door you choose for your greenhouse is a big decision. It’s one that can affect the overall look and cost of your greenhouse, so it’s important to consider all of the different factors before making a choice. Here are some things to consider:

  • A hinged door is typically less expensive than swinging doors because it doesn’t require hinges or a frame for swinging. These two parts add extra expense to the price tag when building greenhouses with multiple doors.
  • Hinged doors are also easier to install than rolling ones because they don’t have many moving parts or hinges that may need adjusting down the road. This could make them more durable over time as well.

To find out what it will cost to build your greenhouse, use our guide.

To find out what it will cost to build your greenhouse, use our free greenhouse planning guide. You can enter the size and style of your greenhouse, as well as the type of materials you want to use, and we’ll give you a ballpark estimate of what it might cost.

Costs will vary depending on size and style (California or Florida). They will also depend on whether you are building a wooden frame or metal framing system; if glazing is included in your budget; which foundation type is used; whether labor is included in the total expenses; permits/inspections costs from city officials required before construction begins; utilities costs like power lines running into the building site using an electrical subpanel installed inside; insulation materials (polyurethane foam) for walls and roofing felt panels made from recycled glass bottles that reflect heat back into their environment during summer months without needing any additional cooling mechanism such as fans blowing across them at high velocity speeds throughout day long periods that require manual maintenance every few months when necessary due to fluctuating temperatures within individual rooms at different times throughout year cycle


Whether you’re looking for a small, affordable greenhouse or something more elaborate, our cost guide can help you figure out how much it will cost. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start when planning your new garden project. But by looking at these factors—what type of greenhouse do you want? What size? What style? Where will it go?), we hope that this article has given you some insight into what it might cost. If not, don’t worry. We also have an article on how much does a small greenhouse cost.

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