Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

A stacked stone wall is a great way to add character and beauty to any landscape. Whether you want it to help define your property line, serve as a backdrop for some beautiful flowers or trees, or just provide an interesting focal point for your outdoor living space, a stacked stone wall can be made from either natural or man-made stones.

Gardening is a great way to relax and get your hands dirty. It’s also a great way to get exercise and clear your head. And if you’re looking for something new, or just want to try something different, then look no further than this DIY Stacked Stone Garden Wall. This project is simple enough that anyone can do it, but it will look like you hired an expert.


-Hedge trimmer


-Shovel (or other tools for digging)

-Building blocks of various sizes (we used these)

-Stacked stone veneer (we used this)

-A level

What is Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

A stacked stone wall is a wall made of natural materials. Natural stone is used for many purposes, such as roads and buildings. The stone can be stacked on top of each other to make a strong barrier that will stay in place for years to come. Stacked stone walls are also known as dry-stacked or mortared walls because they do not require mortar between each layer of stones.

Uses of Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

With a DIY stacked stone garden wall, you can create a border for your garden or add interest to an otherwise plain wall. You can also use it as a retaining wall, creating space at the rear of your property that would otherwise be filled with unused land.

It’s important to note that these types of walls are not meant for high-traffic areas they need to stay in place for years at a time before they’re considered stable enough to withstand significant wear and tear. However, if you have small children running around your yard or pets who aren’t very careful with their paws, it may not be the best choice for you.

How do you build a stacked stone garden wall?

The first step to building your own stacked stone garden wall is to gather the right materials. You’ll need:

  • A base of dirt, gravel, or sand (if you’re building on top of concrete) that’s at least as deep as the stones are tall.
  • Dirt or gravel for packing into the gaps between each stone. This helps keep them level and prevents erosion over time. It should be about three times deeper than your stones are high, but not so deep that it fills up all the gaps.
  • Cement mortar is the adhesive that holds everything together in whatever color best suits your space (you’ll find it at any hardware store). For example, consider white if you want something reminiscent of an old European castle; or azure blue for something more modern looking.

Step 1

  • Choose a good location for your stacked stone garden wall

The first step to building your own stacked stone garden wall is to find the perfect location for it. If you have a large yard, you might want to build two or three walls so that they create an enclosed area that can be used as an outdoor living room or play area (or both). As long as there are no trees or power lines in the way, and if you don’t mind sacrificing some of your privacy, this is an easy way to add value and functionality to your home.

  • Prepare the ground

You should start by preparing the ground by removing any weeds or grasses from where you plan on building your stacked stone garden wall. Then make sure that there isn’t too much dirt underneath you don’t want it too deep because it will make stacking stones difficult later on (plus: big rocks). Finally, make sure there aren’t any roots sticking out anywhere since those could poke through when we start stacking our stones together 🙂

Step 2

  • Place the second row of stones on the first row of stones.
  • Make sure that the stones are level with each other.
  • Use a level to make sure that the stones are level.
  • Use your hands to make sure that the stones are level.

Step 3

Step 3: Place the stones on top of each other

Now it’s time to start placing the stones. Make sure that they are level and at the same height as you stack them up. You can use a level to check this, or if you don’t have one handy, simply place a small rock or stone in each corner to make sure they’re square before continuing. If you want your stacked stone wall to sit flush against an existing wall or fence post, make sure that it will be level with them once complete.

Step 4

  • Place mortar between the stones, using a level to make sure they are straight.

Use a trowel to spread the mortar on all sides of each stone, pressing it into place before adding another layer of stone.

Step 5

This is the final step in learning how to build a stacked stone wall. Your next task is to install your new garden feature.

First, you’ll need to measure for placement of your stones and dig holes for them. Don’t worry if this seems like a lot of work—we’ve included instructions on how far apart each stone should be based on your choice of mortar size. Next, lay out two rows of stacked stones with at least 12 inches between them (14 inches if using lime mortar). Using a brush or trowel and bucket, apply mortar onto the backside (the inside) of each stone in one section and then place them into their holes so that they’re flush against one another along the bottom row and set up at an angle from row to row until you reach your desired height. Finally, fill in any gaps between stones with more mortar and smooth out any visible cracks with wet fingers or damp cloth until even with no gaps remaining between each individual block; then let them dry overnight before proceeding with additional steps such as adding top caps or pathways through these areas.

Step 6

  • Fill in any gaps between stones with mortar, then place another stone on top. Repeat this process until the wall is complete.
  • For a more natural look, avoid troweling the mortar down too much when you’re done.

Step 7

In this step, you’ll use a level to check the wall. You’ll also dig out the bottom and top of your garden wall with shovels. Finally, you’ll use a shovel to level the wall and fill in any dirt that may have been left behind.

After leveling your stacked stone, use a garden hose or water can to wet down all of your stones so they are thoroughly soaked at the bottom. This will help them stay in place when it’s time for you to start stacking them on top of each other.

What type of cement is used for DIY stacked stone garden walls?

Portland cement is a binder that holds the stones together. There are many different types of cement, but the most common is Portland cement. Portland cement is made from limestone and clay.

How tall can Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall be?

The height of your stack stone wall will depend on the materials you use and the desired look. The general rule is that the height of your stacked stone garden wall should not exceed 4 feet. We recommend keeping it no higher than 3 feet, however, since anything taller than that tends to be overwhelming. If you are planning on growing plants in front of your wall then keep this in mind when planning what types of plants to choose so they don’t grow too tall (e.g., tomato vines).

What base is required of a Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

While a concrete foundation is the most common, it’s not your only option. A wooden frame can work well too; just keep in mind that the base needs to be at least 4 inches thick for whatever material you’re using, and level and square. The width should be at least as wide as your garden wall will be high (this is so it won’t topple over).

How tall should Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall be

No one can tell you how tall to make your stacked stone garden wall. It depends on the height of your garden wall and what sort of look you are going for. You can build it as high as you want, which is a matter of personal preference more than anything else.

Materials needed for Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

  • Stone: The stone you use will be the backbone of your wall and will dictate what kind of structure can be built. Make sure to pick a stone that is flat and not too large so it can easily be stacked on top of one another without falling off. Pick up a few different sizes from the local farmers market or garden center, see which ones look good together, and then let your imagination guide the rest.
  • Sand: Surrounding each stone with sand helps to keep them in place when you install them on your wall; this also allows for drainage so that water does not collect behind them. In addition to its practical uses, and provides an attractive contrast between each piece of stone that’s used in your design as well as adding depth and color variation throughout your garden walls.

Tools needed for Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

The tools you will need for this project are:

  • Hammer or mallet
  • Trowel or shovel
  • Measuring tape (long enough to measure from your house to the garden)
  • Level and plumb line
  • Shovel (for digging)

You will also need: a wheelbarrow, buckets, and mixing tubs for mixing mortar and sand with water, plus some plastic tarps or drop cloths if you don’t have enough room in your yard for all of your supplies.

Cost of Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

The cost of a stacked stone wall depends on the size and complexity of the wall. You can expect to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000 on your DIY project. If you’re going with a professional landscaper or contractor, it will be more expensive than doing it yourself.

The material cost of Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

The materials needed to build a stacked stone wall are:

  • 12x12x4” fieldstone (1,080 lbs) – $18.00 per ton (round up to $20.00) = $2,560.00 ($2,600 for this example)
  • Cement mortar – 10 bags @ 80 lbs each = 800 lbs = $0.75 per bag x 10 + another $3 for delivery (firewood delivery fee) + gas money = total cost of cement mortar: @$7.50/bag x 10 bags + gas money + firewood delivery fee ($5). The total cost of cement mortar: $63.00
  • Wood stakes or rebar 6ft long x 3/8″ dia., 100 count- $40/100 count or less than a dollar per stake if you buy them individually at Home Depot or Lowes instead of in bulk online… so let’s call it 50 cents each since no one needs 100 dead plants in their yard anyway 😉 Total Cost Of Wood Stakes Or Rebar 6ft Long X 3/8″ Diameter 100 Count-$10-$15-depending on brand & quantity purchased; more expensive if bought individually vs bulk pricing online but still makes sense economically despite higher upfront costs because then you don’t have excess stakes lying around after project completion which could otherwise go unused forever.

The labor cost of Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

Labor is the main expense of this project. If you have a strong team, it will only take a few hours to build. Please note that the labor cost varies depending on the size and shape of your garden wall.

Maintenance tips for Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

The best way to maintain the appearance of your stacked stone wall is to keep it clean. You can use a hose or leaf blower to remove dirt and grime from the surface, then brush away any remaining debris. If you want to give the wall a deeper cleaning, you can use a broom and a small brush or pressure washer.

Benefits of Diy Stacked Stone Garden Wall

A stacked stone wall is a great way to add some character to your garden. Not only does it give the garden a finished look, but the materials used in the construction of the wall can be found in nature. This means that you can build a stacked stone wall using rocks and stones from your local area, which will make for an even more unique design of your own.

Stacked stone walls are very versatile and can be built in different sizes, shapes, and colors depending on what you want out of them. One thing that makes them so attractive is their ability to add privacy to your garden without blocking off all light or airflow as traditional fences would do. They also provide a nice backdrop for flowers as well as keep out unwanted pests such as rabbits or deer. If properly constructed with mortar between each layer there should not be any issues with water drainage either.

Here is a way to build a stacked stone wall

Here is a way to build a stacked stone wall:

  • Choose your stones. You can choose any size, color, and shape of stone you want. The stacked stone works well with irregularly shaped stones, but if you use regular-sized ones they will look like they were laid by a professional.
  • Lay out the first row of stones (or two or three rows) to get an idea of how the pattern or design will look and feel before you start stacking them all together.
  • Cover the ground where you are going to lay the stacked stones with grass clippings, wood chips, or sand so that it is easier for you to move around when building your wall and so that water drains away from underneath it when it rains.

In Conclusion

It can be a great DIY project for anyone who loves outdoor activities and loves working with their hands. You can also hire someone to do the work for you as well if you don’t have time or if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

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