How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In South Korea

South Korea is a country in East Asia and comprises the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, with Pyongyang as its capital city. The country’s landscape consists of mountains in the south, plains in the west and east, and beaches along both coasts. South Korea has a population of 51 million people (2018).

South Korea is one of the most expensive countries to live in. The cost of living and building a house in South Korea is higher than anywhere else in the world.

When it comes to building a house in South Korea there are two types: detached houses and apartment buildings. Detached houses are more expensive than apartment buildings because they have their own outside space for parking or gardens for growing vegetables etc., but this also means that the price will vary depending on where you live because some areas have less space available than others so get ready for some sticker shock if you’re thinking about buying one.


The cost of land is one of the most expensive parts of building a house. The price of land varies depending on location, but it’s worth noting that you’ll pay more for land in Seoul and Busan than you will in other areas.

In some cases, you might be able to find a large plot of land for yourself at a reasonable price, this especially applies if your property is located far from major cities. If you’re planning on building a house near Seoul or Busan, however, this won’t be an option; even if there are plenty of vacant plots available for purchase around these cities (which there aren’t), they’ll still cost far more than they do elsewhere in South Korea.


Excavation is the process of digging up the earth to make way for the construction of a building. Excavation is done to prepare the ground for construction. The amount of dirt removed in excavation depends on many factors, including:

  • How much dirt there is on-site
  • The depth at which you need to dig (if you are digging a basement, and you live near sea level)


The foundation is the most important part of a house. As such, it’s also the most expensive part of a house. It’s where all the weight should be placed and there are many different types of foundations that can be used in construction. Some foundations use concrete while others use steel frames or even wood frames or brick walls to carry their weight loadings away from the house itself. There are so many different options out there.


Framing is the process of installing the studs and joists that will support the walls and ceiling of your house. A professional framing crew will use heavy-duty tools like nail guns, which are faster than using hammers and nails. They’ll also have a crane to lift the lumber into place quickly.

The framing process is the most labor-intensive part of building a house, so it makes sense to hire a professional crew for this task.


When you think of siding, you probably imagine a quaint country home with a white picket fence. In reality, siding is any material that covers the exterior walls of your house and weathers the elements so that you don’t have to worry about it. Siding can be made from many different materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. The material used will depend on what kind of climate you live in. If it’s hot and humid where you live, for example, then aluminum is probably not going to be the best choice, you’ll want something sturdier like vinyl or fiber cement instead.

In most cases (unless your house is super old), framing will take place before siding gets installed; however, some builders choose to do this after framing as well because it allows them more flexibility when designing their houses’ exteriors

Windows, Doors, and Cabinetry

The cost of windows, doors, and cabinetry in South Korea is much higher than it is in other countries. In fact, the country’s high standards for quality lead to a substantial price increase. For example, wooden doors are more expensive than steel ones because they have to be made from high-quality wood (such as teak). The average price of window systems ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 per square meter, about double the cost of comparable products in North America or Europe.

The reason for this high-quality standard is due to Korean culture itself: people here want their homes to look nice from the outside as well as inside. This means that if you’re planning on building your own home yourself then you will probably need an architect who can work with these standards without compromising its construction quality too much, especially when considering how many materials are required just for basic things like walls.


It is important to know that the type of roofing material you choose can affect your total cost. There are two major types of roofs: asphalt shingle and metal. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but generally speaking, asphalt shingles are less expensive than metal roofs.

Asphalt shingle costs typically range from $100-$300 per square (100 square feet) depending on where you live and what size your home is. A typical 2-story house with an average-sized roof would require about 20 squares or $2,000 worth of materials alone if using standard asphalt shingles without any additional features such as architectural details or solar panels on the roofing material itself.

Exterior Trim

Exterior trim is the finishing touch on your home. This can be made of wood, metal, or stone and painted or stained to match the exterior color of your house. Trim is used to covering up gaps between siding and add texture around windows, doors, and other openings in the building. It can also be used as an accent piece to give shape to a structure by contrasting it with other colors or materials such as brickwork.

Interior Finishes

If you want to build a house in South Korea that looks like it was built by a professional, then you will have to pay for quality interior finishes. Like everything else, the cost of interior finishes depends on the size and quality of the materials used.

Interior finishes include flooring, cabinets, countertops, and more. If you choose low-quality materials like plastic or synthetic flooring, then your budget will be much lower than if you choose expensive hardwood floors or marble countertops. If possible try to get as much help from friends as possible when choosing these items because they are going to be with your home for many years after it’s built.


As you might expect, builders’ costs for flooring vary widely depending on the material. For instance, laminate flooring is the cheapest option at $5 USD per square foot. Hardwood floors cost more than twice as much, coming in at $15 USD per square foot. Carpeting is roughly in the middle range of materials and can be purchased for around $10 USD per square foot. Tile and vinyl are both significantly more expensive options at about $20 USD per square foot. Ceramic tile comes in last place with an average price tag of around $25 USD per square foot.

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings

Bathroom fixtures and fittings are what make your bathroom functional. They include:

  • Shower/tub combo or shower only
  • Toilet
  • Sink (with faucet) and vanity, or countertop with cabinets underneath it
  • Bidet, which is a fancy version of a regular toilet seat

Electrical works

It is no secret that electrical works are crucial for the proper functioning of a house. The cost of electrical work includes wiring, switches, sockets, and light fixtures. In South Korea, the average cost of electrical work is around $967 to $1,789 per square foot.

The cost of electrical work depends on the type of work and materials used. For example, the average cost of installing or repairing switches is around $99 per switch while the average cost of installing a socket is around $335 per socket.


HVAC systems are a major expense in the construction of a home.

The average cost of HVAC for a 2,000-square-foot house is $15,000 to $20,000. This figure includes ductwork and insulation but not any materials or labor costs associated with installation. The price will vary depending on what type of system you choose (centralized versus window units).

The HVAC system should be installed by professionals because they know how to properly insulate pipes and wiring, which can extend the life of your unit significantly. They may also have access to rebates or special financing terms that allow you to take advantage of lower interest rates than would be available at retail locations such as Lowe’s or Home Depot

Cost To Build A House In South Sudan

If you’re thinking of moving to South Sudan, you might be surprised to learn that it’s one of the most expensive places in the world to build a house. A typical home in South Sudan will cost around $200,000 USD. This number can vary depending on where you want to live and how much land you need. For example, if your dream home is located near Juba International Airport (the country’s busiest airport), then expect prices here to be slightly higher than average due to its central location within the city limits.

South Sudanese contractors charge an average rate of 10% above market value for their services (including labor costs). This means that if your budget allows for $100 per hour spent building your house from scratch before materials are even purchased, then expect this figure to increase by at least $10 per hour once those materials start arriving on site.

South Sudanese contractors also charge an average rate of 10% above market value for their services (including labor costs). This means that if your budget allows for $100 per hour spent building your house from scratch before materials are even purchased, then expect this figure to increase by at least $10 per hour once those materials start arriving on site.

For The Cheapest Option, You Can Hire A Contractor

To save money, you can hire a contractor to build your house. The contractor will be responsible for all the work, so you don’t have to worry about any of the details of the construction. You will only have to make one payment and won’t have to worry about finding materials or finding workers who know how to build houses.

Expect To Spend At Least $200k For A House In Seoul Area

If you’re looking to build a house in Seoul, the capital city, expect it to cost at least $200k USD. However, if your budget is a little lower than that and you’re willing to relocate outside of the city center (which is where most ex-pats live), then there are plenty of options for homes that cost less than $200k USD.

In general, terms, if you’re planning on living in South Korea as an ex-pat with your family or significant other it’s worth considering building a house from scratch. There are several reasons why this can be beneficial:

  • You have complete control over the design elements of your home and can customize exactly what you want to be included within it. For example, if you have an unusual hobby or interest such as music production then having access to specialized equipment will be essential when designing a home studio space into one corner of your property, something which isn’t always possible when renting out space from another person or group (especially when they also own all their own gear).
  • You’ll save money overall because by taking this route there aren’t any fees associated with buying land or hiring contractors; everything becomes much simpler which means less hassle. Plus building from scratch gives us more freedom when designing how spaces look so we don’t need to worry about what someone else thinks should go where.”

The Cost To Build A House In South Korea Varies On the Location

The cost to build a house in South Korea varies depending on location. For example, the cost to build a house in Seoul is more expensive than in other areas. This is due to many factors: building materials, labor costs, and land prices are higher in Seoul than they are anywhere else in South Korea.

When you consider these costs, it’s easy to see why the cost per square foot for homes built within Seoul city limits might be as much as $65 USD (or even more). However, if you take your search outside of those city limits or even just outside of North America’s largest metropolitan area; then these numbers can drop dramatically. A typical 2-bedroom/2-bathroom home (with an average size of 1,200 square feet) might only cost around $125 USD per square foot which makes sense when you consider what goes into building any structure from scratch: labor costs being one of them…

Building a house in South Korea will cost at least 200k USD

The cost to build a house in South Korea varies on location, but it’s generally around 200k USD. This figure is based on what we’ve seen in the market, but there are always going to be outliers (and some places where you can get more for less). If you want to build something big and fancy with loads of amenities, expect your budget to go up.

If you’re looking at building more than one home, then it’s worth getting your hands on as much information as possible before jumping into anything too hastily.

If you want to build a house in South Korea, you will need at least 200K USD. This is an estimate based on the cost of other houses in the country, but it is far from an exact number because there are many factors that can affect the final price tag.

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