How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks

A fire pit can be a great addition for anyone looking to create an outdoor living space. Not only does it enhance the ambiance, but also it’s a great gathering place and the perfect spot to roast marshmallows with your family or entertain friends. Many people don’t realize that you can build a fire pit using retaining wall blocks and for very little money. In fact, the hardest part is deciding on your design and then putting together a materials list.

Consider Your Space.

Before you get started, take a moment to consider your space. If you’re looking to build a fire pit in your backyard but only have enough room for something small, there’s no reason to go big. In fact, I’d recommend starting with an inexpensive drum-shaped or cylinder style before making your way up the chain with more intricate models.

If on the other hand, you want something that will make an impression on guests and family members alike (and why wouldn’t you?), then by all means go big! The sky is really the limit here—you can always design custom shapes and sizes based on what kind of party has been thrown there before.

Find Your Location.

When you’re choosing a location for your fire pit, there are some things to keep in mind.

  • The location needs to be away from trees or other flammable items. You don’t want the wind to blow embers onto your neighbors’ lawns or into someone’s house.
  • The location should also be away from water sources, since this can cause fires when embers get near it.
  • Finally, if possible, try and pick a spot that is far enough away from your home so that any sparks that fly out of the chimney won’t damage any part of your yard or house.

Gather Your Materials.

  • Retaining wall blocks.
  • Concrete, cinder blocks and cement.
  • Sand.
  • A level, shovel and tape measure (to ensure the fire pit is level).
  • A drill, hammer and concrete saw (if needed).
  • A masonry bit (for cutting holes in the retaining wall block).

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 1.

First, you’ll need to find the right spot for your fire pit. Make sure that there is no overhanging branches or other obstacles within 50 feet of where you want to place your fire pit. If there are any trees that hang low over the area, it’s best to move somewhere else.

Next, gather all of the materials needed to build a fire pit. You will need retaining wall blocks (the material used in this article), a shovel or spade and one bag of cement mix per block used in building the retaining wall (we recommend using two bags).

Now that all materials are gathered, begin building your fire pit. The first step is pouring concrete into each block so it fills up about half way—this should take no more than 20 minutes per block with only one person working on this project at a time if possible because it can get heavy quickly if multiple people try doing something simultaneously while also trying not break anything off due to excess movement around each block being put together into place while they’re still wet enough from being poured with cement but too hot from having been set out before getting completely dry yet so that everything doesn’t stick together when cooled down again after being dug out first without letting them cool down too much beforehand since we don’t want our fingers burned off either even though we could probably just use gloves instead so maybe let’s wait until next time?

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 2.

  • Make sure you have a level handy.
  • You will also need a bucket of water, or something else that can hold a lot of liquid and is relatively heavy.
  • Unpack your retaining wall blocks and lay them out on your work surface so that they are all facing the same direction (i.e., up).
  • Place one block in front of you with about half an inch between it and the edge of your work surface. This will make things easier later when you start pouring water into the pit so that it drains out onto your lawn rather than into your house’s sump pump.

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 3.

  • Dig the hole.
  • Level the ground.
  • Set your retaining wall blocks in place, staggering them as you go to create a more random look around the fire pit and adding sand and gravel as needed.
  • Once you’ve leveled your sand and gravel, use a rake to smooth it out until it’s flush with all sides of your retaining wall block structure, then let dry for at least 24 hours before adding any kind of coverings or accessories to your new fire pit structure!

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 4.

Now that you have the blocks in place, use a level to make sure they are level with each other. Use your hammer to tap the blocks into place if needed. Make sure your fire pit is level with the ground and that there are no holes or gaps between the retaining wall blocks.

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 5.

Now you are ready to put the bricks in place. Have you ever seen a real-life brick wall? It’s built right up against something to hold it in place. So that’s what we’re doing here: we’re going to build a retaining wall around our fire pit, using these bricks as the framework.

First of all, make sure the blocks are level with each other and level with the ground—you don’t want any gaps between them! You can use some small finishing touches like twigs or pebbles on top if you want your fire pit look complete but this is optional; just make sure nothing falls into it later on (and don’t forget about safety) Next thing: Make sure they aren’t touching each other at all! You’ll think I’m kidding but I’ve seen people try this before -_-

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 6.

Take the base of your fire pit, and lay it down on top of the blocks. Make sure that all of the blocks are level with each other and that the circle is round.

Next, you can use the retaining wall blocks to create a square or rectangle or triangle shape around your fire pit.

How To Build A Fire Pit Using Retaining Wall Blocks Step 7.

Next, fill the hole with gravel and place retaining wall blocks on top of it. The blocks should be level, so use a level to make sure they are. Also use a trowel to check that they are all level.

Once you have filled in the entire hole and placed retaining wall blocks on top of it, you can move onto step 8: laying out your pavers on either side of your fire pit!

You can build a fire pit using retaining wall blocks and for a minimal cost

You can build a fire pit using retaining wall blocks and for a minimal cost.

If you’re looking to build a fire pit, but don’t have the time or money to have one professionally done, then this is the project for you. This tutorial will show you how to easily create your own in just a few hours.

You’ll need: Retaining wall blocks, Stone chisel, Electric drill with masonry bit, Level


I hope this article has been helpful. Building a fire pit using retaining wall blocks is an easy and inexpensive project that you can do yourself

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