How To Build A Planter From Decking

This simple planter is a great way to add a place to grow colorful plants in just about any space. The planter itself is made from decking, which is stronger than wood, makes it lighter and easy to handle while working with it. This project can be done with the smallest of home improvement tools, so you don’t have to invest heavily in them either. Build a planter box to add beauty and functionality to your decking. Whether you want to add a few plants or an entire garden, deck planters are easy to make and look great around any home.

Crafting a planter from leftover decking is an easy way to reuse the scrapes of your deck, and it will create a beautiful decoration for your garden. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to build a planter from decking.

Planters made from decking boards

To make a planter from decking boards, you will need:

  • Decking boards of the desired size – For example: 6 x 3 feet.
  • Tampers to fix holes and cracks
  • Screws or nails – To fix the planters together

Cut your timber to size

You’ll need to cut the timber to size in order to build your planter. Use a mitre saw for best results, and make sure you have some good safety gear on hand. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a good blade on your saw, preferably one that is designed for cutting through timber and other tough materials like concrete or metal.
  • Choose the blades carefully based on the type of material you are cutting through—some blades might be better suited for cutting hard woods than others, so take this into consideration before buying any new equipment

Fix Your First Batten On

  • Use a small nail gun to fix in place. This will ensure that you’re able to get the batten into place, as it will be very difficult otherwise. Make sure that you use a batten and not just screws or nails—it has to be a strong connection between each plank of wood and the one before it, otherwise they won’t remain together when they are being moved around or in use later on down the line
  • . Use a batten to hold the planks together and ensure that they stay connected when handling them later on

Screw the frame together from the inside

  • Attach the bead to the wall with a screwdriver.
  • Place one of the 2x4s against the wall and secure it with screws from inside of your planter box frame (you can use a drill with a screwdriver bit). We recommend using two screws for each piece of framing that you attach to your walls.
  • Repeat step 2 for all four pieces of framing, making sure that each one is level as you go along by using a spirit level (or similar tool) to check their positioning against one another before screwing them into place tightly enough that they do not move when touched but not so much that they will be damaged if someone leans on them later on down the line.

Fix The Decking Frame To The Wall

  • Once you have the frame in place, fix it to the wall.
  • Using a nail gun, drive nails through each of the decking boards into the studs behind them. Make sure you’re using enough nails to secure each board firmly in place.
  • Use a spirit level to ensure that both ends of your new planter are level before fixing it to walls at either end. This is important so that water drains properly and air can circulate freely around your plants’ roots.
  • To mark where each board should be fixed, take some time with a pencil and measure out distances from one side or corner of your planter box (you may find it easier if you work along an imaginary grid pattern). Once you’ve marked these points with pencil marks on both sides, use a drill with a screwdriver attachment to make holes for attaching screws into those same marks on other sides or corners—or vice versa if there’s no room for that because there’s already another piece attached there!). Then simply unscrew all existing attachments before replacing them into freshly drilled holes using long screws (and possibly small washers) if needed to achieve maximum stability.

Cut the decking planks to size and add to the top frame, fixing in place with a small nail gun

To cut the decking planks to size, you’ll need a miter saw. You can use a table saw, but it will take more time and effort. Next, add the planks to the top frame, fixing them in place with a small nail gun. Finally, do some fine-tuning on your design by adding decorative touches such as paint or stain.

You can build a planter quite easily from decking boards.

Building a planter from decking boards is a great way to use up old decking. You can build yours in any size or shape you like and for the purpose you need it for, whether that be growing herbs or just as an ornamental piece in your garden.

To build your planter, you will need:

  • Decking boards (in any size or shape)
  • Posts (for large planters)
  • Screws and a hammer

Final words

Using the cut lengths of timber, construct the carcass as shown in the diagram. To do this, cut a piece of string to length and fix it at each end into the corner joints with a nail. Then drive screws through each joint from inside the frame. Screws can also be used to attach wall battens for extra security (if you’re fixing it to an external wall) or just to make sure your planter stays strong and sturdy for years.

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