How To Build A Pond In Decking

Adding a raised pond to your garden is a good garden design idea. A raised pond allows you to grow your fish and aquatic plants without digging the soil. The raised pond can take any shape. It can be circular, rectangular, or square-shaped. Bricks, concrete, and wood are materials you can use to make a raised pond. This article will discuss building a raised pond with a material other than wood, bricks, or concrete. We will consider how to build a raised pond with ultradecking composite decking.

There are actually ways that you can add a pond to your deck. For a truly unique look, surround your pond with your deck. Doing so isn’t too difficult. Basically, instead of using the plastic liners that most ponds use for the walls of the pond, build a frame using wood walls and use a single-piece rubber liner in order to hold the water.

While building a deck around a pond isn’t too difficult, it is a time consuming process. You’ll spend a decent chunk of time digging the hole for the pond as well as laying in your gravel footings. Fortunately, once this is completed, laying down the deck isn’t too difficult.

For a unique and tranquil backyard, build a deck around a small pond.

Building a Raised Pond With Decking

Before you start building a raised pond, you need to draw a plan of how you want it to look. The plan will serve as a guide during construction. You can quickly check the plan while building the pond to know the length of each side of the raised pond. After drawing the plan, you can now proceed to build the pond.

Additionally, you also need to choose the type of decking material you want to use. You can use wood or composite decking to construct the pond. But, composite decking is preferable to wood decking because of its high durability. If you use composite decking in making a raised pond, the pond will last long. Since composite decking is resistant to rot, you won’t have to worry about replacing the composite decking like wood decking.

Step 1 – Gather the Materials Needed

The first step in building a raised pond is gathering all the materials you will use to build it. Gathering the materials needed will make you have everything in place. To build a raised decking pond, you will need fasteners,  measuring tape, a set square, a pencil, and composite decking boards. You will also need a workbench, hand saw, drill, pond liner, underlay, and decking lights.

Step 2 – Choose a Location

So after gathering the materials needed, the next step to take is to choose a location in which we will build your raised pond. You should choose a flat surface for your pond. Building your raised decking pond on a levelled surface will ensure that a part of the pond is not higher than the other.

Additionally, you can also choose a location where you’ll be able to view your raised pond from your house. So if you wake up in the morning, you can peep through the window to watch how your fish are swimming in the pond.

Step 3: Building the Frame

Depending on the size of your pond, mark and cut the composite decking boards in your preferred size. Use a measuring tape to determine the length you want accurately. Then use a pencil to mark the spot you measured on the composite decking board. You can now use a hand saw to cut the boards to fit in the length of your pond.

Make a hole on each composite decking board with a power or manual drill to build the frame. Then line the first four composite decking boards and attach them with the screw to make a frame. Once you’ve done that, repeat the same method to create a rectangular or square shape.

Step 4: Attaching the Decking

To attach the decking, hold the board in position outside of the frame. Then attach the board to the frame with the decking screws and a hand drill. You can do this by screwing the board to the frame at one end with one or two screws and then proceeding to the other end. Continue this process until all the decking is in place.

After installing the decking, if you want to add the decking lights to your pond, do that before fitting the pond liner.

Step 5: Fitting the Overlay, Pond Liner, and Fill up with Water

Now that you have installed the decking, ensure no sharp objects are in it before fitting the pond liner inside it. These will prevent the pond liner from getting punctured.

First, place the underlay loosely over the top of your pond and press it down into the pond. Ensure there is excess underlay sticking over the top of your pond.

Repeat the same method with the pond liner by placing it on top of the overlay. Then, fill up the pond with water.

Step 6: Attach the Cappings

Finally, fold the pond liner and underlay neatly over the pond’s edges and place the capping on it. Ensure you pull the liner tightly under the cappings before screwing the capping with a decking screw.

Final words

How you can build a raised pond with decking is easy. You have to carefully follow the instructions given in the article to make a raised pond for your backyard or garden.

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