How To Build A Rolling Deck Gate

Build a rolling deck gate to prevent your pets from getting on the deck and into the yard. This gate is easy to build and it uses readily available materials, so you can complete it in one weekend afternoon. Make sure the gate is securely fastened, otherwise it won’t be stable when it’s rolled open or locked into position.

A Rolling Deck Gate is the perfect option if you’re building a deck in a tight space, or if you need to move it after installation. Attached to your existing railing, this gate allows easy access to the deck while keeping kids and pets safe.

If you want to build a deck gate, you’re best off building a rolling gate. Rolling gates provide security and privacy for your deck, but they allow you to move the gate out of the way when necessary. And if you choose to make your rolling deck gate from pressure-treated lumber covered in composite deck boards, it should last for decades without rotting or needing maintenance.

We’ll show you how to measure for and construct both the frame and the slats that make up this rolling gate. All of these materials can be found at any home improvement store and should be easy to cut down so that they’re not too heavy or awkward to install on your own.

Cut the gate pieces

Cut all the pieces to size. Use a miter saw to make straight cuts, like those on the ends of each of your boards. If you want your gate to be a perfect 45 degrees, use a table saw for this task instead. A circular saw can be used for cross-cuts (a cut made across the grain of a piece of wood), as well as tear-out-free notches in corners or along edges. When it comes time to make 90 degree cuts, use your trusty hacksaw and don’t forget about that old trick where you lay two boards against each other and mark them both at once before cutting. Finally, before you start cutting curves with any tool—jigsaw or otherwise—you’ll want to clamp down each board firmly so it doesn’t move around while you’re working on your project’s finer details with tools like these ones here…

Assemble the gate frame

  • Use a level to ensure the gate is level.
  • Mark the holes on your decking material where the screws will be placed; use a tape measure and pencil for this task, since it’s easier than using just one of those tools by itself.
  • Pre-drill holes with a drill bit that matches or is slightly larger than the screws you’ll be using, then drive in each screw with a screwdriver until it’s flush with the surface of your decking material (or slightly below).

Cover the two ends of the 4-by-4s with decking boards

  • Cover the two ends of the 4-by-4s with decking boards.
  • Use a pneumatic nailer to secure the boards in place.
  • Align your framing square along each board, and use a hammer and nails to secure them. They should be fully attached at this point; check inside your frame for any spaces between the 4-by-4s that aren’t covered by decking boards. If there are any, add another piece of decking with nails until it’s flush with both sides of your frame (see diagram).
  • Cut out two more boards for the sides that will be 18 inches long, then cut out two triangles from one end of each board, making sure to keep one side flat so that it can fit into place easily without being too tight or too loose (see diagram). These “legs” will help stabilize and support your rolling gate once it is built up higher later on.

Install the hinges

Install the hinges. The gate will be easier to open and close when you install it on your deck if the hinges are installed correctly. To do this, use a drill to attach the hinges to the gate frame. Make sure that each hinge is level by using a level from both sides of the gate before tightening them down with an electric screwdriver or wrench (depending on which type of tool you have). DO NOT use a hammer to install these parts because they may become damaged if they are not tightened properly. Also, DO NOT use a screwdriver as this may damage them as well.

Hang it from the deck posts

  • Use a drill to attach the hinges to each post.
  • With a level, adjust the hinges so that they are evenly spaced.
  • Attach the gate to the posts with screws or bolts.
  • Attach wheels so that your gate is free-swinging and can be easily moved from one position to another.
  • Make sure your gate is level when you open it (if it’s not, it will swing unevenly).

Building rolling deck gates can be easy, here’s how.

This project requires a circular saw, drill and screwdriver. You will need to measure and cut the pieces of 4-by-4s that make up the gate frame.

You’ll also need to assemble them into two identical frames, one shorter than the other and set them onto your deck planks at an angle so they create an opening when placed in front of each other. Attach them together with carriage bolts or lag screws through pilot holes drilled into both boards. This can be done before or after you lay down any decking boards over them (to cover their ends).

Final words

Here’s how to build a rolling deck gate. We used our DIY rolling deck gate for years, and it worked great

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