How To Build A Wall In Your Basement

Building a wall might sound simple, but it is a very complex affair if not well planned. When building walls for your basement, you have two options to exploit. First, you can build the wall on the floor of your basement then fix it on the rightful place. You can also build your wall in its rightful place. Let us look at these two approaches in details.

Build a wall, then lift it into place

When you look at most photos in basement building newsletters, you will notice at last two people working together on a wall. This is a pointer towards what is done when building a wall to be lifted in the rightful position. This is an understandable construction process. It works effectively for first-timers.

It is important that you get an extra hand to help you hold the wood when fixing them on their places. Consider using screws as they are easy to correct when a mistake arises. Being a first-timer, you will make a lot of mistakes.

As usual, this comes with its own disadvantages, which might dissuade you from continuing with the project.

The first disadvantage is that you cannot do this alone. This means that you will have to hire an extra hand to help you out. You will also have to shim some space in order to lift the wall into place effectively. You might also fail to have adequate space to build the wall. This method also tends to be slower when you are building your wall.

If you realize that the available space cannot allow you to lift the wall into its place, you have the option of using stick by stick method. This will be the most convenient method for you.

Build a wall stick by stick

This can be tricky as it entails practising and testing how exactly it will be done. For, example, you will have to use a plumb bob to have accurate walls. The plumb bob will help you in actualizing this. Read different books to help you get the details of what you will be doing to execute this rightfully. Let us look at the steps involved in building this basement into place.

8 Steps to build a wall in place for your basement

The first step is to line up and mark both the top and bottom plates. This will help you in easily establishing where the studs will go.

The second step is to nail the top plate into the ceiling joist.

The third step involves using the plumb bob to establish the points on the floor and make the two markings using a chaulk line.

The fourth step involves placing the bottom plate on the floor where you just snapped. Some people will make the mistake of nailing the bottom plate at this point. Do not nail it.

In the fifth step, you can proceed to cut and install the stud. The stud should be able to hold in place both the top-bottom plates. You should drill this down.

In step six, you will have to repeat step five until you screw in all the studs into their rightful place.

In step seven, ensure that the wall is plumb. Also, ensure that no stud is bowed. If they are bowed, then there is the possibility that the wall is skewed.

You can now proceed to nail the bottom plate into your basement floor. You can see an example of basement finishing in Bradford on our website. Also, you can do this effectively using a concrete masonry gun.

Either method will help you install your basement wall.

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