How To Build A Wooden Spiral Staircase

If you want to build a wooden spiral staircase, here are the steps: Make your first cut by making two marks on each support. Drill holes 3/16″ deep and into a piece of scrap 2×4 at 2′ intervals until you have one or two supports in place. Attach your new support with lag screws and washers to the top step and screw it in with deck screws. The best way to learn how to build a wooden spiral staircase is by using the proper tools, quality materials and as much information you can find on the subject. This tutorial will help you do everything from start with cutting the parts for each piece and join them all together.

A spiral staircase can be built in a number of different ways, but one way that has many advantages is the wooden spiral staircase. The steps are usually made of oak or maple and then individually glued together. However, for the main structure of the stairs you will need to make sure you have strong lumber and that it is fit for purpose before starting on your project.

Out of all the different types of staircases out there, a wooden spiral staircase is one of the most difficult to build, especially if you’ve never done any carpentry in your life. Still, if you’re a confident carpenter with some experience under your tool belt and you want to take on a big project like this, this article will highlight some steps that might help you along the way. (Note: If you’re not an avid carpenter and want something more simple or straightforward, check out this guide to building a traditional staircase.)


If you are looking for a way to add character to your home, a spiral staircase is a great choice. Although they may seem difficult to build, they are actually quite easy and can be built by anyone with the right know-how. In this article, we will discuss how you can build your own wooden spiral staircase.

How To Build A Spiral Staircase Yourself

Building a spiral staircase is not an easy task, but it can be very rewarding. The steps are not difficult, but the skills required are not. To build a spiral staircase, you will need to gather the necessary tools and materials before starting the job.

The first step is to layout your design on graph paper or something similar so that you know how many planks you will need for each run and how long each plank needs to be in order to make all of your staircases match up perfectly with one another. Then start cutting them out with a jigsaw or table saw depending on what type of wood you’ve decided upon using for your project (usually pine). Next cut slots into each side of each plank using either a router bit or chisel depending on which approach works best at keeping everything vertically level during installation (or if this isn’t important then just use whichever method gives better results).

Tools And Materials Required

The below tools and materials are required to build a wooden spiral staircase.

  • Long-handled saw (e.g., miter or circular saw)
  • Jig saw or keyhole saw
  • Hammer and nails for attaching the treads to the riser boards (included in cost)
  • Drill fitted with a 3/8″ or 1/2″ drill bit (for pilot holes)

Creating The Stringers

For the stringers, you can use a table saw to cut them to length and then a router to create the grooves for the treads. The holes for the dowels need to be drilled out using either a drill press or hand drill.

Building The Steps

The first step in building your staircase is to cut all the treads. To ensure that every piece of wood is exactly the same length and angle, use a jig saw to make several 1/4” cuts in a 2×4 block until you have enough for each tread. These are placed on top of one another at an angle and screwed together using two screws in each corner.

Next, you need to create grooves for the stringers by using a router fitted with a ½” straight bit (you can also use a table saw). The stringers are then glued into place along these grooves using construction adhesive. Once dry, drill holes through both sides of each stringer near its midpoint and insert screws into both ends so that they face outwards towards each other when connected together later on. This will allow them to hold themselves together without any additional fasteners needed other than glue if necessary after assembly onto base rails (which will require additional fasteners).

Adding Treads And Risers

Treads are the horizontal boards that are attached to the stringers. Risers are the vertical boards that are attached to the treads. The height of a riser is equal to half of the total height of your staircase; for example, if your total height is 4 feet, then each riser should be 2 feet tall.

Risers can be created with a simple miter cut at 45 degrees on a table saw or router table, but we wanted something more unique than that! So we decided to use some rope and make our risers look like they’re made out of rope! This was actually really easy, and all you need is some rope (or twine), clamps and glue or epoxy (epoxy works best).

Fixing The Handrail For Your Spiral Staircase

The handrail is the most important part of your spiral staircase. It needs to be straight and level for safety reasons, so you need to make sure that your measurements are correct before you start.

Measure out the length of the steps from each side of the stairway, keeping in mind that it will be slightly longer than what you measure since it has to wrap around a corner at some point.

Then measure up from the floor and mark where your handrail will start on both sides with pencil marks on top of top rail pieces.

Once these marks are done, use them as guides while installing step riser pieces into place with brackets underneath them so they don’t slip off their tracks later on when we flip over our staircase.

It is possible to build a wooden spiral staircase, but it requires a good deal of experience and skill.

It is possible to build a wooden spiral staircase, but it requires a good deal of experience and skill. You should be able to use tools such as saws, drills and hammers.

You also need to know how to work with wood and metal. Wood is your choice of material because it’s easy to shape into the curves you need for a spiral staircase. Metal can be used instead of wood if you prefer that material over wood – this will allow you greater flexibility in design choices.

Final words

Once you have constructed your wooden spiral staircase, it’s important that you regularly check the wood for signs of wear. You need to inspect the wood on a regular basis to ensure that it is in good condition. If it isn’t then immediate action must be taken to prevent serious damage from occurring by replacing any damaged pieces with new ones before they become too badly worn out or split apart.

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