How To Build Bench With Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks can be used to build a bench that lasts for years. This low cost, easy-to-build project is great for backyard patios and garden areas. A bench can be constructed out of cinder blocks, it is an easy and inexpensive project. The process will require you to use a hammer and several other tools, but the end result is worth it.

Love the idea of a bench outside, but no yard? No problem! Build a bench with cinder blocks and wooden planks, plus add some pillows and blankets to make it comfortable during cooler nights. In this post, I’ll show you how to build your own DIY outdoor bench using mostly just cinder blocks and wood. Ready? Let’s go.


  • You will need:
  • The cinder blocks you want to use, which should be rectangular in shape. It’s recommended that you use blocks with an 8×16 or 8×20 footprint. These sizes are standard for most home improvement stores, but check the label on each block of concrete before buying it to make sure it’s what you want.
  • Make sure that your ground is level and clear of debris and rocks before beginning construction work. If there are any large boulders or other obstructions in your yard, break them into smaller pieces (just like we did with our bricks) so they won’t stand in the way during this project or any future ones like it.
  • Once all prerequisites have been met (including having cleared away any unwanted items), start building with these easy steps: Place one block on its side at least two feet away from where another one would go if placed flatly on top of it at right angles – remember how we said earlier how important angles were? This step will help ensure steady placement later down the road when all four sides start getting stacked up high enough eventually leading into what looks more like a table than anything else.

Step 1

You’ll want to find a good spot for your bench. You can choose the most convenient location, or you can build it where there is extra space and fill in that space with cinder block walls around it, but make sure you have enough room for your new bench.

Once you’ve decided on where to put the bench, check out our tutorial on how to build a cinder block wall if you haven’t already.

If this project seems like too much work or if you’re worried about doing damage to your home (or just don’t feel confident building something like this), hiring someone else is always an option! A lot of people hire contractors who specialize in building things like decks and porches. This way they’re guaranteed quality results at reasonable prices without having to worry about anything else along the way (like getting injured from working with heavy materials).

Step 2

With the cinder blocks in place, it’s time to drill holes into them. You’ll need a drill with various drill bits one for each size screw you’re using. First, measure and mark where your screws will go on each block. Then use the smaller bit first, to make a pilot hole for drilling into the larger one with your driver bit.

After that, proceed with attaching the blocks together by screwing them together with as many wood screws as necessary until they’re solid and flush with no gaps between them.

Step 3

Next, you need to ensure that the blocks are level. Use a level across the top of each layer to make sure they’re even.

Once you’ve ensured that your blocks are level, use a rubber mallet to knock them into place. This will help prevent them from sliding around when you add another layer on top of them.

Finally, add in some masonry adhesive to secure all the layers together and let it dry for 24 hours before moving forward with assembly.

Step 4

  • Now you can add the second layer of blocks.
  • Start by placing the first block on top of the first block, aligning its edge with that of the first block.
  • Continue adding blocks to form a complete layer.
  • Place one hand on each side of the wall and carefully push outward to make sure all your cinder blocks are level (flat). If they’re not flat, then adjust their position until they are.

Step 5

  • Use a level to make sure that the blocks are level with each other and that they are level with the ground.
  • If you find any blocks that aren’t straight and level, remove them and put them back in place again until they’re straight and level.

Step 6

Now that you have the cinder blocks and a bench, it’s time to put them together. First, you’ll want to attach your bench to the cinder blocks. To do this, use screws or bolts (and washers if needed) through pre-drilled holes in each end of the bench into matching holes on the bottom row of cinder blocks. This will keep your bench stable and prevent wobbling when someone sits down on it.

Then, once everything is screwed together tightly enough so that it won’t shift around too much under pressure from people sitting on it or leaning against its sides when they are standing up straight again after having sat down.

Give your garden an upgrade with help from these projects that demonstrate how to build bench with cinder blocks.

If you have a garden, you can use cinder blocks to build a bench and add more seating. If you don’t have a garden, but do have some space on your porch or patio that needs an upgrade, consider using cinder blocks as the base for a simple bench like this one.

The same concept will work with any small project: You could use it to build an outdoor table or even just an attractive planter box (which is what we did). Either way, these projects demonstrate how easy it is to get started.

Final words

And there you have it! A cinder block bench, perfect for seating in gardens, patios or even on a porch. This project is easy enough to do over a weekend and takes only a few supplies to complete. So if your garden needs some extra space where people can sit down and relax during those hot summer days use these steps as inspiration for making one yourself.

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