How To Build Brick Mailbox

A brick mailbox is a great addition to your home, adding charm and character. It can be used in a front yard, along a driveway or anywhere you deem fit. A brick mailbox adds value to your home as well as making it appear more inviting for guests. Building one yourself is not as difficult as it may seem and this article will guide you through each step of construction. The first step in building a brick mailbox is to choose a location for your new home for the mail. You will need to find a nice, flat surface that isn’t going to shift over time or with rain or other weather conditions.

Brick mailbox, like all types of container for outdoor storage, can be built in various sizes and shapes. The most common type is rectangular shaped with a length-to-width ratio of one to three or four. You can use bricks on the outside walls to form windows and decorative patterns such as flowers or vines. You can line the inside walls with expanded metal if you want extra security. However, if you are concerned about thieves breaking into your mailbox or vandalizing it, you may choose to use cement blocks instead of bricks.

Today you will learn how to build brick mailbox. The first step is determining the shape, but we’ll cover that later. For now, let’s talk about the last step: laying each course of block.

Determine the shape

When choosing the shape of your brick mailbox, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, consider how you want the mailbox to fit into your décor. If you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one and want to match other elements of your architecture, then a rectangular mailbox is likely a good choice. For example, if you’ve chosen white bricks for your exterior siding and use brown mortar between them – as many classic colonial homes do – then a round or oval shape will blend in with this style better than one that’s more angular or rectilinear.

Another thing to consider is whether or not there’s enough space around where your new brick mailbox will be installed for all those large bricks! Make sure that whatever shape you choose leaves room for sufficient depth on all sides without encroaching on neighboring surfaces like sidewalks or pathways; otherwise those hardy materials won’t be able to support themselves over time without crumbling down under their own weight (or worse!).

Install the first and last courses

The first course of block is the top row, and the last course is the bottom row. The second course should be installed above the first course, and then so on.

  • Make sure that each block is level, square and plumb (level with a perfectly vertical surface). Leveling is critical for making sure your mailbox looks neat against the house or wall it’s attached to.
  • Make sure you have a level on hand for this step! You’ll need it throughout this process to make sure everything stays in place as you go along.

Set the posts and install the mailbox

  • Set the posts.
  • Install the mailbox.
  • Install the mailbox door.

Turn the mailboxes into solid structure

The key to building a solid brick mailbox is to ensure that the mortar is thick enough. To do this, you’ll need to use the proper amount of mortar and make sure it’s applied correctly. The following tips will help:

  • Use enough mortar. If you don’t use enough mortar when installing bricks, your mailbox won’t be very strong and could easily fall apart if hit by a truck or other heavy object.
  • Make sure the bricks are aligned properly. If the bricks aren’t aligned correctly, they won’t interlock correctly with one another and may fall out over time as more pressure is exerted on them by other structures (such as cars driving over them).
  • Don’t let your mortar get too thick or too thin—too thick will cause cracking; too thin might not hold together at all.

Lay each course of block

  • Lay in the first course of block, making sure it is level with the existing surface and that it aligns with the top of your existing foundation or wood.
  • Attach a level to the first course, at both ends of your block wall and in between each layer of block. Make sure that each layer is straight and flat before adding mortar to secure them together (the weight of this will help keep things stable).
  • Use a mason’s trowel to spread mortar onto each side of all bricks within a course (this will also help keep them from shifting out-of-place).
  • Use a brick hammer to set your rows into place (hammering on top will make sure they stay secure), then continue building up until you hit grade height or until you reach where you want your mailbox post mounted.

How To Build Brick Mailbox

To begin, you’ll need to determine the shape and size of your mailbox. Once you’ve selected a plan, it’s time to install the first and last courses of block. Set posts in concrete, then mount them on either side of your driveway or sidewalk with brackets that are screwed into place.

The final step is turning your mailboxes into solid structures by laying each course of blocks in a pattern that creates an even wall. Once all four sides have been filled out (including any decorative bands), fill in any remaining gaps with mortar and let dry overnight before installing your mailboxes.

Final words

We recommend that you make the newspaper before starting to build. This will allow you to get more accurate results and a brick mailbox will serve you for many years without requiring much maintenance. If we managed to help you, please share this article with your friends and acquaintances.

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