How to Build Outdoor Brick Stairs

Regardless of your experience level with construction, this article will give you a basic understanding of the cost and materials needed for this project. In addition, we will go over the methods used to build this outdoor staircase and what you should expect. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to build your own outdoor brick stairs. So let’s get started. Listed below are the steps for a simple stairway construction.

Construction costs

The construction costs of outdoor brick stairs vary considerably. Red bricks are the most traditional choice, but there are other colors available. Red bricks typically cost $0.40 to $0.90 per brick, which can cost $400 to $900 per thousand bricks. These steps are also durable and offer a classic look. If you want to build a more custom set of brick steps, you can purchase face bricks. These cost slightly less than other bricks, but they add an interesting detail to your outdoor space.

Compared to concrete stairs, steel staircases are often more affordable. Unlike concrete, steel requires less labor and a shorter construction time. Also, steel components can be manufactured off-site and shipped directly to your home. In addition, modular components are available, which reduce labor costs and installation time. If you’re building outdoor brick stairs for a business, steel stairs are a great choice. They are sturdy and durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Materials needed

Outdoor brick steps are a classic design that will complement almost any exterior paint color. This durable material is available in many different colors and can be purchased and installed by a construction contractor. Once constructed, brick steps will last for many years with little maintenance. Read on to learn how to build outdoor brick stairs. Listed below are the materials you need for your project. You will need two bags of cement, foundation mat, and 2Inchx6Inch stock.

Start with the brick. Most brick projects will require two sets of steps. One set will be exposed while the other is hidden under a brick facing. You’ll need to measure three to four feet apart for each step. You should also consider how much foot traffic the brick will receive. For a durable, sturdy installation, you’ll want to choose a brick that is at least three to four inches wide. Modern “modular” bricks measure eight by four inches, while older standard bricks measure twice that distance between bricks. Make sure to use the latter, as they tend to require less space.

The next step is to build the tread. This is a very important step when you’re building large rock steps. If you don’t want the water to run off of the steps, you can place concrete on top of the bricks and then build the rest of the stairway. After the first span of steps, you can add outside stair railings. Listed below are the materials needed to build outdoor brick stairs.

First, lay a bed of mortar. The paving slabs should be positioned with a slight drop toward the front of the step to allow water to drain away. After the paving slabs are set in place, lay the tread over the first step. Make sure the bricks are level and spaced evenly. Use a straightedge to level the tread. Apply a layer of mortar to the back edge of the first tread. Repeat this process for all risers.

After the mortar is set, remove the excess water from the exterior bricks and place the new steps. Wait a few hours before using the steps and make sure the mortar is completely hard. Once the steps are set, you can begin working on your landscaping. You can add more brick steps as you go, but it’s important to remember that the more bricks you use, the more durable they will be. The final result will be a stunning brick staircase.

Traditionally, patios are made of sand. Sand settles into an uneven surface and attracts moles, who love to tunnel through it. Bricks will need to be set in an edging of treated 2 by fours or landscaping timbers. Recycled railroad ties can also be used for edging, though they must be set half their depth in the ground before they can be used. The base for these outdoor brick stairs is important.


The first step in building outdoor brick stairs is to plan out how many steps there are and the exact measurements for each step. You should also level the soil beneath the steps, and lay down a base mat of 2″ x 6″ stock. Then, mix the cement according to the directions on the cement tote. Once you have calculated the exact measurements, it’s time to begin the building process. You’ll need to set aside at least one day for the entire project, as the construction process can take several weeks.

To build a staircase with bricks, you must first establish the base. The base will act as the foundation for the rest of the steps, so it’s important to get this right. Once you’ve established the base, you can start building the risers. Make sure that each riser is the same height as the treads, so that the entire run of stairs looks even. Don’t forget to include railings and outside stair railings, if necessary.

For the steps, you can use the “fill” or “cut-in” methods. For the fill method, you’ll need to excavate the area completely, while the cut-in method requires you to remove any loose soil. Next, you’ll need to lay a 6″ thick gravel base under each step. Make sure that each step has a consistent height, as this will help the steps to stand sturdy.

After the risers are in place, you can start laying the treads. You should make sure that the riser bricks are at least 3/8 inch thick, and should be evenly spaced with the bricks on the tread. You should then cut a 1x or 2x screed to fit the width of the forms, and work it across the mortar. After you’ve laid all of the bricks, level them out using a level.

A simple way to clean your outdoor brick stairs is to mix equal parts of water and dish soap. Mix the two ingredients until they form a paste, and then apply to the bricks. Allow the solution to sit on the bricks for 10 minutes. Rinse well, and then wipe them with a dry cloth. Afterwards, you can use a mild solution of baking soda water to neutralize the acid and remove the salt crystals.

There are a few different methods for building outdoor brick steps, but the basic layout is the same in each case. First, determine the height of the steps, which is based on the board size. Once you know the height, you can start stacking the form on top of the concrete, but be aware that you may end up with a different height than you wanted. If this is the case, you should plan for the steps accordingly.

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