How To Build Outdoor Fireplace Out Of Cinder Block

Here at the Safety First Institute, we make a point of studying both the hazards and rewards of every kind of DIY project. This month, we’re going to teach you how to build an outdoor fireplace out of cinder block. It’s time-consuming and difficult, but it’ll save you money in the end and will look amazing when it’s done. Let’s get started

Choose a spot for your outdoor fireplace.

The first thing you need to decide is where you want to place your outdoor fireplace. There are several factors to consider:

  • Choose a spot that is well-drained. If there’s any chance of rain, this will be important.
  • Choose a spot close to your house or within sight of it. That way, you won’t have far to go if you need something out of the house in an emergency situation (like when your non-stick skillet starts smoking up). Also, it will make it easier for you if someone needs help from inside and can’t find their way out there on their own—you can be more readily available for that kind of thing if they’re not too far away from home base. If possible, try placing it near an existing structure so people don’t have as far

to walk; even if they do have far enough access now when everything’s new and fresh after construction but later on down the line when things become less pristine over time due being used regularly without proper maintenance being done regularly (e.,g., maintenance such as cleaning up after ourselves each day) then having closer proximity may become inconvenient/uncomfortable depending upon what kind

of materials were used originally instead using better ones like stainless steel appliances which would allow us flexibility in terms of trying different types

Dig a hole for your cinder block fireplace.

  • Use a spade to dig the hole for your cinder block fireplace.
  • The hole should be at least 18 inches deep, and as wide as your cinder blocks are tall.
  • Fill the hole with dirt, then remove it by hand so that you can level the ground.

Level the ground.

To get a level and flat surface for your cinder block fireplace, you can use a spirit level. You can buy one at any hardware store or lumberyard.

  • For level: Place the spirit level on top of the first cinder block and rotate it until it is perfectly horizontal—meaning that there are no up-or-down movements as you move around it. If you don’t see this perfect horizontal line, then adjust the base so that it sits flat on its own (or use more mortar). Keep doing this until your fireplace is perfectly level in all four directions—up/down and left/right.
  • For flatness: After establishing a perfectly flat surface with your base layer of blocks, add another layer of blocks across from each other to create two parallel walls (as shown above). Once again, place your spirit level horizontally along these two walls to make sure they are both completely flat against each other by rotating them around until this happens naturally or with little effort; if not, adjust accordingly using mortar or cut blocks as needed until both sides are equally flat against one another without wobbling at all when tapped gently with your hand or foot in different places along either side’s perimeter edge

Arrange bricks for your outdoor fireplace.

Now that you’ve obtained your bricks and packaged them, place all of the cinder blocks in their respective places. The bricks will be stacked in three different heights: firebox, hearth and chimney.(*Note: The height of each tier is dependent on the size of your fireplace.)

The first tier should be around 1-1/2 feet high and wide, with about 12 inches between each row of bricks. The second tier should be around 1-3/4 feet high, with about 18 inches between each row of bricks. The final windrow should be two feet high; however if your hearth was larger than 22 x 28 inches then you’ll need more rows here to reach that height.*The chimney cap will sit on top of this last layer (which should look like a small pyramid).*To hold everything together during construction use rebar or other metal rods bent into hooks to secure them together without mortar.

Add mortar to the bottom of the fireplace wall.

Part of the mortar should be used to fill in any gaps between the bricks. Make sure that your mortar is a similar color to your bricks, and apply it with a trowel so that it’s flat and even. The thickness of this layer should be about the same as the width of your biggest brick.

Add mortar to the next row of bricks.

  • Mix the mortar in a bucket.
  • Spread the mortar on the bricks with a trowel and level.
  • Tap each brick into place with a hammer and wire brush off excess mortar with a wire brush.

Add brick to the next row of bricks.

  • Make sure the bricks are level with the bricks below.
  • Make sure the bricks are level with the bricks above.
  • Make sure the bricks are level with the bricks to your right and left.

This is a great time to get a friend or neighbor to help you if you can, since it’ll be easier for them to see if things are level from their vantage point than yours in which case you might be off by a fraction of an inch which could mean everything

Repeat until you reach the desired height of your outdoor fireplace.

Once you have measured the height of your cinder blocks, begin to stack them on top of one another. You’ll need to make sure that each row is level with previous rows before proceeding. Also, don’t forget to take into account how much mortar you will need for each row.

Mortar dries out quickly so it is important not to lose time between measuring and leveling each row. If you don’t want your outdoor fireplace falling over in a strong wind, it’s best to keep everything as stable as possible during this process.

Learning how to build an outdoor fireplace out of cinder block can be daunting, but is well worth it in the end

Cinder block fireplaces are an excellent addition to your backyard. They give you a place to gather with friends and family, or just enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about burning up your furniture. There are many benefits of building an outdoor fireplace out of cinder blocks:

  • The first benefit is that they are easy to build. Anyone who can hammer some nails and use a drill can build one of these things in a day or two.
  • Another benefit is that these fireplaces can be built for very little money compared to other materials like brick or stone.
  • These fireplaces look great! They have a rugged yet rustic feel that adds character to any outdoor living space (and because they’re made from cinder blocks, you don’t have to worry about them getting all dirty over time).


Learning how to build an outdoor fireplace out of cinder block can be daunting, but is well worth it in the end

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