How To Build Steps With Landscape Blocks

If you’re building a deck or patio, a set of stairs will be an important part of your design. While most people think of wood as the only material for building steps, it’s not the only option. You can also use landscape blocks to create a durable and attractive staircase that will last for years to come.

The main advantage of using landscape blocks is that they are easy to install and require no special skills or tools. You can simply lay out your design and build it piece by step by step. If you have some experience with DIY projects, this will be a breeze for you!

Landscape blocks are made from concrete and are strong enough to support any type of weight without cracking or breaking down over time (unless they’re exposed directly under the sun). They’re also very inexpensive compared with other types of materials used in construction projects like decks or patios.”

Building steps with landscape blocks is a great way to add some architectural interest to your yard. The steps can be used in conjunction with a deck, or as a standalone feature.

Create a Plan and Estimate Materials

  • Before you begin the project, it’s important to create a plan and estimate the materials and time involved.
  • The first step is to measure the area where your steps will be built. This will help you determine how much material you need and make sure that your steps are level so that they don’t trip anyone who uses them. You can purchase landscape blocks at home centers or online stores like Amazon, but if you have extra bricks from another project or a friend has some he doesn’t need anymore, those would work just as well!
  • Once your measurements are complete, make sure all of those materials are on hand before beginning construction so there aren’t any delays later on down stream (pun intended) – especially if something breaks during installation process such as shovel handle snaps off into pieces while digging out dirt under house foundation.”

Prepare the Area for the Steps

  • Remove any debris and level the ground.
  • Make sure the ground is dry.
  • Make sure the ground is level.
  • Make sure the ground is free of rocks, roots or any other obstructions that could be tripping hazards for people using your steps.

Build the Step Forms

  • Measure and mark the forms.
  • Build the step form.
  • Brace the step form (optional).
  • Level the step form (optional).
  • Make sure it’s square!

Pour Concrete and Level Each Step

Use a level to make sure each step is level.

Mix the concrete using the cornstarch, sand and water in a wheelbarrow or other container that holds about 3 gallons of material.

Use a trowel to spread the concrete on top of each step. Make sure the top of each step is also level with its neighbor so that you don’t have too much or too little space between them when you’re finished. Use your hands and feet to push against each step as you go; this will help compress any air bubbles out from within them, ensuring that they’re strong enough for use by people walking up and down them regularly over time.

Lay Pavers for Treads

Lay pavers in a pattern that is pleasing to the eye.

Use a level to ensure each step is level.

Apply mortar to each brick with your trowel and set it in place with your brick hammer. Fill any gaps with more mortar, then let dry overnight before using the steps again.

Building steps with bricks is a job that can be tackled in a weekend.

Building steps with landscape blocks is a job that can be tackled in a weekend. It’s not difficult, but it will require some time and effort on your part.

You will need to spend at least two days preparing the area where you want to build your steps—digging out the dirt and laying down plastic so that no moisture seeps into the ground below where your blocks will sit. It often takes longer than this if there are hills or slopes involved; in these cases, you may need to slope out from one side of the hill or bring soil in from another location.

Then you’ll have to level each row of blocks with earth offshoots or by adding sand underneath them until they’re level with one another (or higher up toward your desired height). Each row should also be leveled horizontally so that all sides are at an equal distance from each other at every point along its length. Your finished product should end up looking like stairs leading up toward an elevated walkway made entirely out of bricks!


Follow these steps for how to build steps with landscape blocks and complete your landscape project with a beautiful set of stairs.

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