How To Make A Concrete Retaining Wall Look Better

Building a retaining wall is just one way to combat an erosion problem. If you had to level two separate areas of your yard and didn’t want to use dirt to fill in the lower area, then a retaining wall might have been the easiest solution. Retaining walls are pretty much what they sound like: They’re used for keeping things intact. However, these walls can often be an eyesore that takes away from the beauty of your yard

Consider building a new structure.

If a retaining wall is needed and you don’t want to add one, consider building a new structure. A new retaining wall may be more attractive, functional and durable. A new retaining wall can also be more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Paint the concrete wall.

  • Paint the wall.
  • Paint the wall a light color.
  • Paint the wall a dark color.
  • Paint the wall a color that matches the color of your plants (or any other flowers or shrubs).
  • If you have wood around your home, paint your concrete retaining wall to match it. This can also be done if there is already another retaining wall next to yours that’s already been painted and you want both walls to match in appearance as well as function! It’s important that they look good together so people don’t confuse them for being one giant structure rather than two separate ones

Add texture to the wall.

If you want to make the wall look better, you can do the following:

  • Use a texturing tool to create texture. This will help to give it more of a natural appearance and also make it look old. You can find these at most home improvement stores or online retailers like Amazon and eBay.
  • Use a texture spray to create texture on your concrete retaining wall in order for it not only look better but also have some personality and character as well as making it more comfortable for sitting on when you’re enjoying your garden in the backyard or patio area. Spray painting is another option if this isn’t something that interests you; howevering spray paint may be easier than using tools because they’re portable which means they’re easy too carry around with them anywhere else if needed such as camping trips etcetera…

Make the concrete wall a container for plants.

One of the easiest ways to make your wall look better is by planting it. You can plant directly on the wall or in containers that are attached to the wall. If you don’t have a lot of experience with plants, don’t worry! There are many kinds that grow well in containers, even in relatively poor soil. They also come in all shapes and sizes—some will hide behind the retaining wall while others will peek out from behind it when they’re at their tallest height.

You can also choose plants based on how much sun they need or how much water they require to thrive. Some common options include:

  • Succulents (e.g., cacti)
  • Sedums (e.g., sedum spurium “Autumn Joy”)

Add plants directly onto the wall.

A retaining wall is a great way to add space for plants and flowers, but you don’t have to plant directly into the wall. You can use containers instead.

  • You can add plants directly onto the wall in pots or containers that are weatherproofed or can be hung from your concrete retaining wall.
  • If you are planting on top of your concrete retaining wall, consider using climbing vines like clematis and wisteria to make sure they won’t damage it as they climb up toward the sun. Groundcover plants like sedum or moss will also grow well on top of your concrete retaining wall because they help prevent erosion if placed over runoff channels in sloped areas near lakeshores or riversides where water tables rise during high tides and then recede when tides go down again.”

Use wood to soften the look of the retaining wall.

You can also use wood in the form of a planter box, bench or table to soften the look of your concrete wall. If you are going to construct a planter box, it is important that you choose a good material for it. Wood will last longer than plastic and other types of materials when exposed to weather conditions and moisture.

Wooden benches are great additions to any area and will add color as well as comfort when placed alongside concrete walls. You can stain your wooden benches with whatever color suits the look and feel of your garden while still maintaining its durability over time through protection from sunlight exposure during those hot summer days

Wooden tables work well on top of these retaining walls because they offer more versatility than just sitting on them—you can actually place items on top like plants, flowers or food items if needed (depending on what type).

Adding plants or wood directly on to your retaining wall can make it look a lot better

Adding plants or wood directly on to your retaining wall can make it look a lot better. Plants will soften the appearance of your retaining walls, while adding color and texture. They can help reduce the appearance of the wall, making it look more natural, inviting and less like an eyesore in your yard.


Concrete retaining walls can offer a lot of benefits, such as providing extra privacy and keeping erosion at bay. However, they are not the most attractive structures for your backyard or garden. There are ways to make them look better without having to tear down and rebuild them from scratch. One option is adding planters or planting directly on top of the concrete itself

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