How to Make a Floating Shelf With Hidden Compartment

If you want to mount a big shelf to the wall but don’t have the space, you should look into floating shelves. DIY Creators, a popular YouTube channel, recently demonstrated how to make an eight-foot long shelf with hidden storage space and LED strip beneath. To build one of these shelves, you’ll need some basic woodworking skills and a good selection of tools. To get started, you’ll need a jigsaw and a few other basic tools.

How to make a floating shelf with a hidden compartment

To build a floating shelf with a hidden compartment, you’ll need a piece of plywood and some basic woodworking skills. First, measure and saw the pieces carefully. Afterward, attach them to four shorter beams using seat angles and brace corners. Make sure that the shelves fit over the frame. Now, you’re ready to assemble the shelf. It will look much like the picture below.

You can use wood to create a rustic floating shelf with a hidden compartment that will conceal important items. This shelf will measure 18 inches long by nine inches wide by four inches high. It’s made from pine and poplar wood and stained with dark walnut stain. You can add mitered bevels for a cleaner finish and LED lights on the bottom of the drawer section. Then, follow the instructions on the book to complete your shelf.

You can also build a simple floating shelf with a hidden compartment using a pocket-hole jig. This project can be done by anyone with basic woodworking knowledge. Just make sure to protect yourself with protective clothing when working with wood! We’ve got you covered. And remember to use a pocket-hole jig for 3/4-inch material. Make sure to check your measurements before starting.

Once you’ve completed the wall box and shelf top assembly, you’ll need to attach the drawer slides. Make sure to use 3/4-inch boards when assembling the wall box. Use a penny spacer to elevate the wall box assembly so that it doesn’t drag on the wall box when it’s open. Also, the screws must be attached to the wall box using 3″ wood screws. For the installation, you may need a stubby screwdriver and a right-angled attachment.

Floating shelf with built-in storage

If you are thinking of building a hidden compartment into your floating shelf, you should follow these steps: Measure the dimensions of the shelf and cut the plywood to size. Once the pieces are cut, drill holes for nails and attach them with dowels or screws. The hidden compartment can be placed inside the hidden shelf for storage. Afterwards, paint them with a stain or varnish. If you’d like to add more features, such as LEDs, you can order a kit for this purpose.

To attach the drawer slides, screw the cabinet half to the shelf top assembly. You’ll want to use a 3/4″ thick board to elevate the wall box assembly. You can also use penny spacers to raise the wall box assembly. These spacers make a small gap between the wall box and shelf top, so that the shelf top does not drag against the wall box when opened. When you’re finished, finish the shelf by applying a clear wipe-on oil finish and sanding.

Floating shelf with hidden storage compartment

If you want to add extra storage to your home but don’t have room for a large bracket, consider building your own floating shelf. This simple DIY project will add function and style to any room. You can paint the wood or leave it in its natural finish. The secret compartment will be hidden from view and will be the perfect place for small items. Once you’ve built your floating shelf, it’s time to attach it to the wall.

To assemble the floating shelf, you need 1 x 8 boards cut to 24 inches long. Cut one x two piece for the front and sides. Next, glue and clamp two blocks of 1×2 to the front and back corners of the support frame. Then, glue and clamp the second block flush to the sides of the support frame. Remember to leave an air gap at the front and back so that the shelf doesn’t stick out.

After you have assembled the wall box assembly, attach the cabinet half to the wall box assembly. Now, align the shelf top assembly with the wall box. Then, use spacers to raise the wall box assembly if necessary. You can use pennies as spacers. Using a 4-ft level, trace where you want the shelves to be. Next, use a stud finder to locate studs and lightly press masking tape over them.

Screw the legs and cleat together. Make sure to use wood glue for this step and use 2 1/2-inch wood screws for the other part. Use drywall anchors if you want your shelf to be extra strong. When you’re ready to hang it, attach the final screw or nail to the wall. You should now have a functional floating shelf with hidden storage compartment that you’ll be proud of

The final step of making a floating shelf with hidden storage compartment is to attach the wall box to the wall. Start by drilling the holes in the back of the wall box as shown in the instructions. Make sure the wall box is level and aligned with the wall studs. Once the wall box is attached, use 3″ wood screws to secure the wall box to the wall. A stubby screwdriver and right angle attachment may be necessary.

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