What Does It Cost To Build A Battlebot

A Battlebot is a robot that is used in the sport of Battlebots. Battlebots is used in competitions, where they fight each other until one is destroyed or they both reach the end of their time limit. A battlebot can be made from any material and can be any size, with the most common battlebot being about as big as a car.

Battlebots are fighting robots. They are remote-controlled and must be built to specific rules. Battlebots are built by hobbyists, scientists, engineers, and other people with an interest in building one. Some builders build their own parts from scratch or modify existing parts from other sources such as cars or motorcycles; others use kits or pre-built kits that contain all the necessary components needed for the construction of a particular type of robot (e.g., gas-powered).

Some builders make their own weapons systems; others purchase them separately from companies such as RobotWars Ltd., Team Hellfire/RobotGames USA Inc./TRIKKER RACING & DESIGN INC., Inertia Labs LLC (United States), Robo Challenge International Inc.(Canada), The Robot Marketplace(United Kingdom), Lazer Sportz Inc.(United States), and Robot Marketplace Inc.(United States) or directly from a manufacturer.

A battlebot is a robot built for combat. In recent years, they’ve been used in the sport of robotic combat, with teams that build and operate these bots competing against each other in an arena-style setting. The sport has grown in popularity over the past decade and now boasts millions of fans worldwide.

Battlebot competitions take place at events called “rumble” or “bot bash.” These gatherings include anywhere from hundreds to thousands of attendees who come together for an entire weekend to watch various battles between different teams’ robots and cheer on their favorite competitors. The events are hosted by non-profit organizations like RoboGames and BotBash (which have been around since 2004), as well as commercial companies like BattleBots Inc., which run their own rumble events that often feature cash prizes for winners.

Battlebots have been around for over 20 years and have made their mark on the sporting world. What started out as a backyard hobby has turned into a full-on phenomenon that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Battlebots are designed to be thrown into an arena (or box) and fight it out with other robots until one emerges victorious. It’s like Thunderdome meets Robot Wars meets Real Steel.


Battlebots are powered by electric motors and speed controllers, often with a power supply. Battlebot batteries can be custom-made or purchased from suppliers like Thunder Power RC Batteries, Turnigy, or Protek RC. You will need to consider the weight of your bot when choosing what battery to use; heavier robots need larger batteries because they require more energy to move around.

There are two main types of an electric motors: brushed DC motors and brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Both types have pros and cons depending on the application, but BLDCs tend to be easier for beginners due to their simplicity; however, it’s still important for new builders to understand how both types work before starting a project so that they know how best suited each one might be for their needs. Brushed DC motors are one of the most common types of electric motors, used in everything from power tools to RC cars. They consist of a rotor (the part that spins) and a stator (the stationary part). Both are made up of electromagnets; when current flows through them they create an electromagnetic field that interacts with each other in order to make the rotor spin around.


This list of miscellaneous equipment includes:

  • Tooling. Battlebots is made of metal and other materials, which can require a variety of tools. You might need to buy tools such as hammers, saws, drills, and wrenches in order to put together your bot.
  • Materials. The cost of the material you use will depend on what type of material you choose for your bot (e.g., aluminum or plastic).
  • Safety equipment such as helmets and gloves should also be considered when determining the total cost of building a battle bot.

. Safety equipment. The cost of safety equipment will depend on what type of material you choose for your bot (e.g., aluminum or plastic). Safety equipment such as helmets and gloves should also be considered when determining the total cost of building a battle bot.


You’ve probably heard the expression “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” What this means is that if you have cheap materials, your creation won’t look good or function well. The same goes for your robot and its mounts. You want to use high-quality parts so they will last long enough to get you through several battles while still allowing room for personalization and experimentation.

The cost of mounts and hardware depends on how complex they are but typically ranges between $100-200 per robot, depending on its size and complexity (more arms mean more mounting points). But don’t worry about spending more than you need; most robots are made from inexpensive materials like PVC piping or aluminum sheeting, so the cost of extra mounting points isn’t prohibitively expensive once you start looking at it as part of an overall budget rather than each individual mount as an expense in itself


The shipping costs for a battlebot vary depending on the size and weight of your bot. It’s important to know how much shipping will cost before you start building, so make sure to include these costs in your budget.

If you are planning on competing in any competitions or matches that require travel expenses, it is also highly recommended that you include those costs as well into your budget.

The final thing to consider is the cost of building a battle bot. The price can vary depending on what materials you use, but it is important to note that there are many different materials that you can use for your bot. Some are more expensive than others, so if you want to save money on your project, then make sure to do some research about each material before making your decision.


If you’re interested in building your own Battlebot, you’ll need to figure out the cost of materials and labor. There are many ways to do this, as there are many bills that need to be paid. Here’s a quick rundown of some costs:

  • Materials: This includes everything from servos and motors, to polycarbonate armor panels, to all the nuts and bolts needed for assembly. If you’re building a simple bot without much armor or weapons but plan on using an existing chassis/frame/enclosure instead of building one yourself it can really start adding up fast.
  • Labor: How much will it cost me if I pay someone else? When it comes down to it, this factor is going to have the biggest impact on how much money we end up spending overall since this includes everything from paying my friends for their time spent helping me build my robot (if any) as well as hiring professionals such as engineers who specialize in designing electronics systems or software developers who specialize in creating autonomous control systems for robots like mine.

This also includes fees for registering the bot with BattleBots and any associated fees from various organizations such as FIRST or MechaGore.


For a complete battlebot, you can expect to pay approximately $3000. This includes the parts themselves and shipping costs. The cost of building a battlebot varies depending on which parts you decide to use. If you want something very sophisticated, then it’s going to cost more than if you just want something basic and simple.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most important components that need to be purchased for your robot:

  • Chassis A chassis is basically where all of your electronics are stored and where everything will go together with each other. You will also mount things like wheels here so that they are easy enough for your driver(s) or anyone else who needs access to them while they’re competing in battles.

The chassis is made up of several different pieces that you can purchase separately or as a whole. It’s important to know how many parts are needed for your specific type of robot before you buy them, so do some research beforehand to make sure everything fits together properly. Motor and Wheel Setups Most battlebots use DC motors for power. These motors come in different sizes depending on the weight class of your bot.

The cost of building a Battlebot can vary depending on the materials and design you choose. The average price for a basic robot is around $600, but if you want something more complex it could be as much as $3,000 or more. I’ve seen other people build their own bots using things like PVC pipe and zip ties instead of buying parts at a hardware store. This can save money but will also take longer because there are fewer off-the-shelf products available that work well with robotics projects like ours that do not come pre-made as an RC car does).

For the televised competition BattleBots, the budget for the top-end robots can go up to about $50,000. That’s the estimated cost to build HyperShock, including spare parts, which is one of the most expensive machines in the competition.

Some Battlebots are very expensive. Hypershock, one of the more expensive bots, costs around $50,000. Part of the prize for winning Battlebots is $10,000, so one could assume that most bots cost around $10,000, to make it worth it to compete.

BattleBots is exactly what it sounds like. Competitors in each match control their robot creations via remote control as they duke it out against each other in a series of three-minute matches. While in the arena, each robot must navigate around various traps while trying to disable the opposing robot.

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