Cost To Build A Closet In A Bedroom

Closets are a big part of any home, but they don’t have to be expensive. We’ll show you how much it will cost to build a closet in your bedroom, including the structure and materials. Keep reading for more information on construction costs for closets.

The first step in building a closet in a bedroom is to measure the space you wish to use for the closet. If there is an existing wall, check the width and height of it. If there are no walls, measure and mark out where you want your closet to be. Once you have decided on the size and location of your closet, you can begin building it. The next step is to install posts that will hold up your beams. They should be placed at least two feet apart from each other, with one post being located directly in the center of each side of your closet.

After installing the posts, you can begin installing the beams which will support your shelves and clothing rods. Next comes installing shelf supports or rods for hanging clothes on hangers or hanging inside drawers; these need to be installed at least 1 foot apart from each other so that they don’t interfere with each other when opening doors inside closets (if applicable). Once these are installed properly all hardware needs to be secured using screws or nails so that nothing moves around once everything else has been put together properly (this includes doors if installing them into closets).

Walk-In Closet Cost

  • The size of the closet will determine how much it costs to build.
  • The materials you choose to use on your walk-in closet will also affect the price. For example, if you want a built-in closet with hardwood floors and granite countertops, then you have to pay more than if you just wanted drywall and carpeting.
  • Labor costs are another factor that influences the cost of building a walk-in closet. This includes an electrician if there’s going to be lighting installed in your new space, as well as plumbers for any plumbing work that needs doing (such as sinks or toilets).

Master Bedroom Closet Cost

Master bedrooms are usually the most expensive to build, and the cost to build a closet in a master bedroom can vary greatly. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, because they tend to be larger than other rooms in the house; secondly, because they’re often designed with closets as part of their design plan. If you add in all of your own customizations—whether that means additional shelving or installing a sliding door—the price will go up even more.

The size of the closet is important as well since it will determine how much wood you need for construction and what kind of job you have ahead of you when building it out. A simple pine molding will work if your closet is small enough, but if not then you should probably opt for something more sturdy like cedar wood instead (which also happens to smell amazing).

Reach-In Closet Cost

Reach-in closets are smaller than walk-in closets, but they have the same function. Reach-in closets can be built in a bedroom or hallway, although they’re usually found in hallways and bathrooms. These closets typically have one door that opens from the side of the room, although it’s also possible to install double doors for increased accessibility and aesthetic appeal.

Custom Closet Costs

Custom closets are more expensive than prefabricated ones. It is because custom closets can be built to fit your space and needs, so you do not have to compromise on size or design just to save money.

Custom closets can also be built to match your room, which means that if you are trying to create an elegant look for your bedroom, then investing in a custom closet will help achieve this goal by adding sophistication and elegance with its superior finishings such as glass doors and metal handles.

Laundry Closet Costs

A laundry closet can often be built into your home for less than $1,000. Laundry closets are usually built in a bedroom to save space and give you an easy place to store dirty clothes when they aren’t being washed. Some laundry closets have built-in ironing boards, which saves space and gives you the option of folding it down when not in use.

Laundry closets are also great for people who don’t have a lot of room in their home or apartment and want a place where they can fold their clothes neatly after washing them. If this sounds like something that could benefit you, consider building one.

Structure Steel

One of the first considerations when it comes to building a closet is whether or not you will use wood framing or steel framing. Steel framing is made up of steel studs that are connected by other pieces of steel, called fasteners. These types of structures are typically used for commercial buildings and high-end residential properties because they provide extra support for weighty items like mirrors and large televisions. However, since it’s more expensive than wood framing, you may want to try this method if you’re looking for a more sturdy structure that can handle larger loads.


If you’re building a large closet, or if the rest of your home is made of concrete, then using it as a wall and floor finish in the room may be worth considering. Concrete can be painted or stained to create different looks and styles. You can also stamp or carve decorative elements into concrete walls or floors to create an elegant look that’s unique to your home.

It’s possible to get away with using less expensive materials for closets in small rooms where there isn’t much storage space needed. However, if you are building an expansive master closet that will need more storage space than what is typically found in bedrooms, then concrete may certainly become more attractive as an option for construction materials since it provides strength and durability that cannot be matched by other materials like drywall or wood paneling alone (or even together).

HVAC, Humidity and Lighting

  • HVAC. In a bedroom closet, the HVAC system must be ducted to the closet. This costs $150-$200 per zone for most contractors, but it can vary depending on your home’s construction and layout.
  • Humidity Control. A humidity control system is usually installed in closets because they’re small spaces with little air flow that are prone to getting humid and dusty if they’re not designed with this in mind. The cost depends on how much work you want done (e.g., do you just want a vent fan?) The average price is about $300-$400 for an average-sized closet above each doorframe; however, if you don’t need any other electrical work then this number may go up as far as $1000+.
  • Lighting: Lighting costs vary widely based on what kind of light fixtures or bulbs you choose; however most homeowners spend between $500-$1000+ depending on what kind of lighting they use (CFLs vs LEDs) and how many lights they install throughout their home.

Drywall Insulation

Drywall insulation offers a variety of benefits. It’s easy to install, and it helps keep your home more comfortable in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, it also keeps your utility bills down. You can save a lot of money by installing drywall yourself—and there’s no reason not to do so when this useful product is available at such an affordable price.

Closet costs depend on size and style.

The cost to build a closet in your bedroom will depend on the size and style of your closet. The initial cost includes the materials, labor, permits, design and planning, and demolition. You will also need to think about the cost of any additional features that you may want such as:

  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Hanging rods


By using the above costs as a guide, you will be able to estimate your own closet costs. These estimates can help determine whether or not it’s worth building or remodeling one in your home.

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