How To Make Wall Cabinets For Garage

You can create a lot of extra storage space in your garage by adding wall cabinets. If you have a small workshop and you’re constantly running out of space, consider putting up wall cabinets to store all of your hand tools and other supplies up off the floor and away from possible damage. These simple-to-build wall cabinets are very sturdy, because they consist of three layers: the front door panel, the cabinet box itself and the back panel. The pieces are held together with screws for maximum strength, so these cabinets will last for many years with no problems.

Assemble the cabinet.

  • Attach the sides and front of the cabinet to the back by driving four screws through each side into the top, bottom and front panel.
  • Attach your door hardware so that it can open from either side of your garage wall cabinets. Drill pilot holes for each screw on both sides of your cabinet and make sure that you are using screws with a large enough head so that they don’t slip down into it (which will make them impossible to remove). Then install your two doors by sliding them over these hinges until you feel resistance as they lock into place; then fasten them securely with nuts and bolts or wood screws at each corner (or use decorative rosettes if you have any). Install any other hardware included in this kit such as knobs on top or drawer pulls on drawers if desired; just make sure all parts are installed properly before continuing.

Attach the back panel.

Attach the back panel, using the same technique as with the front door. Make sure the back panel is flush with the front door and attach it firmly with nails or screws. If you have a nail gun, use that to speed up your work.

Attach the bottom.

Once the cabinet is assembled, attach the bottom to it. Use glue and nails to secure it (or screws if you prefer). Make sure that the bottom is square with the sides of your cabinet and that it’s even across each side. Use a level to check this. If necessary, clamp down on the bottom while you wait for your glue to dry so that it doesn’t move around as much when you’re working on other things.

Install the shelf.

To install the shelf, you’ll need to attach it to the cabinet. You should make sure that the shelf is level and also that it is not too high or too low. It should not be too close to the wall either. You can then attach it with screws if necessary.

Assemble the front door panel.

  • Cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood to fit the opening.
  • Use a router to cut a 1/16″ rabbet into the edges of the plywood (this will allow you to hide any exposed parts when you install it).
  • Attach the door panel with pocket screws through its back side, leaving about 3/8″ between each screw head so it can be easily removed later if necessary (for example, if there is damage from an incident).
  • Attach your door handle and hinges on both sides of cabinet frame before attaching them together with lockable bolts or screws (you’ll need to have these in place when installing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts later).

Cut a hole in the front door panel.

Cut a hole in the front door panel.

  • Use a jigsaw to cut your door panel into four pieces.
  • Make sure you cut the hole in the right place. The center of the door should be about 25 inches from the floor for most people, but if you’re taller or shorter, adjust accordingly — just make sure you have enough space for your head.
  • Don’t cut it too large! Your tools may not fit through because of this mistake! The door should be big enough so that when it closes, it doesn’t hit any other parts of your body on accident (like elbows). But don’t make it so big that there’s room left over either; otherwise people might wonder why they’re paying extra every month just to get more storage space than they need.* Don’t cut too small either; if someone has short arms or legs then they’ll need more room than usual.* Finally: don’t worry about making things perfect here — use whatever scraps are left over when cutting out holes instead.

Nail on the beadboard trim to finish off the front door panel.

• Beadboard trim is a type of wood trim that’s available in many different sizes and finishes.

• Beadboard is easy to install, and it gives your room an instant lift of style.

• You can use beadboard for cabinets or even for room dividers.

Build the second cabinet door.

Now it’s time to build the second door. Cut the door to size and attach it to your cabinet. Trim around the edges of the door, then paint or stain it so they match your cabinets. Attach handles or knobs as desired.

Add trim to both doors and attach them to the cabinets.

  • Attach the doors to the cabinet
  • Add trim to both doors, with a 1/4-inch overhang on each side
  • Attach them to the cabinet


Congratulations on building your own wall cabinets for your garage! You can now use them to store all the tools, materials, or anything else you want easy access to. If you enjoyed this project and are looking for more ideas on how to improve your home, check out our other blog posts here on The Home Depot Blog.

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