Cost To Build Stone Retaining Wall

The cost of building a stone retaining wall depends on your budget and the type of materials you are using. A pre-built kit will be much less expensive than if you built it yourself.

It is not uncommon for homeowners to be overwhelmed by the cost of building a stone retaining wall. In most cases, however, the cost of building a stone retaining wall is much lower than many people expect.

In fact, it has been estimated that the average cost to build a stone retaining wall is approximately $5 per square foot. This includes all materials and labor costs associated with the project.

At first glance, this may seem like a high price tag for such a small project. However, many homeowners find that they can reduce this amount by choosing less expensive materials or by doing some of the work themselves.

The cost to build a stone retaining wall varies depending on the type of stone used and the number of stones that have to be cut. The cost also varies depending on whether you hire a professional or do it yourself.

If you are hiring a professional, they will charge you by the hour. If they are cutting each stone individually, then their hourly rate will be much higher than if they are using pre-cut stones.

If you are doing it yourself, then the materials for your wall will cost around $3 to $5 per square foot. This includes the cost of your stone and mortar mix as well as any other materials that you need for your projects such as wire mesh or rebar rods.

The total cost for this project will depend on how long it takes you to finish building your retaining wall once all of these costs have been factored in.

What is a stone retaining wall?

A stone retaining wall is a type of structure used to contain soil and other materials. They can be constructed with various materials, but the most common are stones or bricks. If you’re building a stone retaining wall, it’s important to consider how much weight it will have to bear and where it will be located. To determine these things, you should know about the different types of stone walls available as well as their benefits and costs.

It’s also recommended that you choose an experienced builder for your project because he or she will know how much weight each material can handle before deciding which one would work best for your needs. Once this decision has been made, they’ll give you an estimate on cost depending on what kind of materials they recommend using as well as where they’re located (i.e., whether they’re indoors vs outdoors).

Types of stone retaining walls

You can choose between different types of stone retaining walls when building a retaining wall.

Fieldstone is a natural rock that has been used in construction since ancient times. Fieldstone comes in many colors and sizes, so you can use it to make a beautiful stone wall with plenty of variation.

Bricklaying is an old practice that has been used for thousands of years. Bricks are made from clay, sand, and gravel; they’re typically red or yellow but can be made any color you want.

Concrete blocks are another great option for your stone wall project because they’re easy to install and come in many colors.

Reasons for building Stone Retaining Wall

  • Prevent soil erosion,
  • Prevent soil slippage,
  • Beautify your landscape,
  • Make a raised garden bed, and/or
  • Create a barrier between two levels of land.

What is Stone Retaining Wall used for?

A stone retaining wall is a type of masonry structure that’s used to hold back soil and other materials. This can include preventing soil erosion, building a garden wall or retaining wall, or even just as a decorative feature on your property.

Stone walls like these are typically built from local stone quarried from the ground around the site where it’s being built. They’re usually made up of smaller stones (around 3 to 6 inches in length) stacked up to form a wall that can be anywhere from 6 inches high all the way up to 20 feet tall depending on what you need.

The average cost to build a stacked stone retaining wall in your yard

You can expect to pay $4 to $20 per square foot for a stacked stone retaining wall, with an average cost of $11.65 per square foot. The price depends on the size of the wall and the amount of labor involved.

As mentioned in our previous article about building a stacked stone retaining wall, there are several factors that contribute to the cost:

  • Material
  • Labor cost

How much does it cost to install a fieldstone retaining wall?

The cost to build a fieldstone retaining wall will depend on the size of your wall and the type of fieldstones you use. Fieldstone is your cheapest option, but it also looks less attractive than stacked stone or mortared stone. You’ll want to estimate your budget based on how big you want your wall to be, how many stones you’ll need and whether they’re going to be stacked or mortared in place.

Cost To Build Stone Retaining Wall

The cost to build a stone retaining wall is dependent on the type of stone used, whether it’s stacked or fieldstone, and how many hours are dedicated to building it. The average cost for constructing a stacked stone retaining wall is $5-$10 per square foot. Fieldstone retaining walls typically run at $1-$2 per square foot because they’re less labor intensive than stacked stone walls. The more skilled your contractor is, the more expensive your job will be; however, if you have access to cheap materials like large stones or slag glass, this may offset some of those costs.

Material Cost To Build Stone Retaining Wall

The cost of building a stone retaining wall is going to depend on the materials you use.

Stone is the most expensive material, but it’s also one of the most durable and easiest to work with. The price of this type of stone can vary greatly depending on where you get it from, however; on average, expect to pay about $20 per cubic foot for large stones (roughly 8″ or larger) and $30 per cubic foot for small store-bought pieces. Natural stone quarried from your property will likely be cheaper than buying it already cut into blocks at a local landscape supply store; if you have access to a quarry near you that offers gravel as well as boulders and/or slabs in various sizes, give them a call you might be able to score some great deals.

Labor Cost To Build Stone Retaining Wall

The labor cost to build a stone retaining wall depends on the size of your wall and what kind of stone you use. The average labor cost is between $500-$2000 per linear foot.

If you want to know how much it will cost to build your own stone retaining wall, simply take these numbers and multiply them by the number of linear feet in your project. Add in any other expenses like materials, equipment, or permits needed for work like this as well.

Advantages of Building Stone Retaining Wall

Stone retaining walls are one of the best options for homeowners who want to add a level of drama and elegance to their outdoor spaces.

Some benefits of stone retaining walls include:

  • Durability. Stone walls are extremely durable, so they can be used in all kinds of weather conditions. In fact, they’re considered low-maintenance and require very little upkeep compared to other types of retaining wall systems. If you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall or rainfall during winter months, you won’t have to worry about your stone retaining wall collapsing because it will withstand harsh weather conditions without any problems at all.
  • Low Water Use. You might think that having a water feature would use up a lot more water than other landscape features do, but this isn’t always true with stone retaining walls. Most types don’t rely on pipes or pumps for their flow they just rely on gravity for their movement through pipes within the ground (which means less energy consumption). This also allows them not only to save money but also to help conserve our natural resources too.

Disadvantages of Building Stone Retaining Wall

  • Cost

Stone retaining walls can be expensive to build, especially if you are planning on using natural stone. The cost of the materials is high, and the labor costs will also add up quickly.

  • The difficulty of Installation and Maintenance

Stone retaining walls can be difficult to install compared to other types of retaining walls since they require a lot of precision in their design and construction. In addition, because these types of walls rely heavily on natural materials that slowly erode over time due to weathering and sunlight exposure, regular maintenance is required for proper drainage purposes as well as aesthetics reasons (since it’s not always easy to make out imperfections at first glance). This means more time spent between visits from contractors or by yourself depending on your personal preferences.

Materials needed To Build Stone Retaining Wall

The materials needed to build a stone retaining wall include:

  • Mortar
  • Stone
  • Grout
  • Cement or concrete

Tools needed To Build Stone Retaining Wall

You will need the following tools to complete your stone retaining wall project:

  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure (optional)
  • Wheelbarrow with a ramp, frame and handles

Steps involved in Building Stone Retaining Wall

  • Find a location for the wall
  • Dig a trench
  • Lay the wall
  • Finish and backfill the wall

Benefits of Building Stone Retaining Wall

The benefits of building a stone retaining wall are numerous. Not only is it a good way to add value to your home, but it can also add curb appeal and privacy.

Stone walls are known for their durability, so you can rest easy knowing that your investment will be well worth the money spent. They’re also great at resisting weather damage, which makes them ideal for areas with fluctuating temperatures or heavy rainfall/snowfall.

Maintenance tips for Building Stone Retaining Wall

  • Maintain the wall. You want to keep your stone retaining wall looking its best, so you should make sure that it’s clean and free of debris. Remove excess dirt or debris with a broom and hose, then check for cracks or damage by running your hands over the surface.
  • Repair any damage as soon as possible. If you notice any cracks or damage in either the mortar joints or individual stones, make sure to repair them right away before they get worse.

Knowing how much it will cost for your particular project is vital.

Knowing how much it will cost for your particular project is vital. There are many different factors that go into determining the final price, so it is important to know what your options are and how they affect your budget.

It’s also crucial to understand the process of estimating a project before you begin building any retaining walls yourself or with friends.

In Conclusion

It is important to consider the cost of building a stone retaining wall, especially if you are looking at doing this on your own. The average cost is about $4,800 for an 8′ tall by 12′ long wall made of stacked stones. This figure does not include labor costs or material costs such as concrete or cement which may vary depending on where you live and how much work needs to be done before construction begins.

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